The Birthday Girls

January 15th is the birthday of two special ladies, my Mom and my dear friend Katie.

Katie has been one of my closest friends since my freshman year in college- 2008. It’s hard to believe that one person stood by my side through my college years, the ending of a long term relationship, graduating from college, moving to a new city and starting a new relationship. We both had the same goals while in college and worked together in our campus job. We balanced each other out and made ourselves into a dynamic duo. She is the Boot to my Hammer. Today she lives 20 minutes away and we try to see each other as often as possible. Happy Birthday to one of the most genuine, most sincere, and most loving friends in my life!

katie katie2 photo 1 (3)

My Mama is one special lady. I wrote about our special bond in November but if you missed it check out (THIS) post. She is one of the most selfless, loving, nurturing, and intelligent women I know. She is a loyal friend and family member through and through and would give the shirt off her back for someone she loves. I don’t know anyone else who would drive three hours and across the bay bridge just to take me to a doctors appointment when I was sick. Happy Birthday to my favorite travel, shopping, and Ludacris singing buddy. Love you Mama!

photo 2 (3) photo 3 (2)

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