The weekend of productivity + a BIG announcement!

It’s Thursday! Just one more full day of work until the weekend! You’d think I have big plans, but I’m just excited to get some things DONE! I feel like my To Do list has been getting longer and longer as the weeks go on so it’s time to tackle this list!

This weekends goals:

– Give my car the superstar treatment i.e. Emissions testing, oil change, new battery, car wash
– Complete numerous DIY projects
– Purge my room of everything and anything that I do not need or use!
– Catch up on my shows. I desperately need to watch RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules, Courtney Loves Dallas, and the WWHL episode with Carlton.

Please cross your fingers that some of these things ACTUALLY happen because lately I’ve been a big bag of lazy. But that also had to do with my obsession of watching Season 2 of Scandal on Netflix. Now that I’ve completed the season and they don’t have Season 3 up yet, I have no valid reason for being a blob.


Mason from Mason Like The Jar started a beyond genius idea of The Blog Baton. TBB is an Instagram account that bloggers take turns using over a 12 hour period. Each blogger is given access to the Instagram account and can post anything she’d like from midnight to midnight. I love this idea and have spent the last three months following each new blogger that has held the baton. I’m so excited because my day is TOMORROW! Follow (HERE) and check out the photos I’ll be sharing with the world tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “The weekend of productivity + a BIG announcement!

  1. So excited that you are going to be on the blog baton! i think you might be the first blogger that i know who has been on there 🙂 i always like seeing what everyone is up to during their “normal” day to day life.

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