A Christmas for the books

As I packed up my presents last night I couldn’t help but wonder how time went by so quickly. We spent months shopping, planning, and preparing for this beautiful and special day and just like that, it’s over. How can a single day go by so quickly? Although the week went by at lightning speed, I am so grateful for it. Grateful for three whole glorious days in Delaware surrounded by the people I love. I’m grateful for the traditional chocolate chip muffins to nibble on while opening presents and the cousin photos we took last night. I’m grateful for new traditions and memories made over the past three days.

 This year helped me to realized that I’ve been spoiled. In the past, I could have off from life as long as I wanted for Christmas break and would lie around the house being a vegetable without a care in the world. This year I finally felt like an adult- I couldn’t take all the time I wanted to spend with my family. Watching my roommates and co-workers be given ONLY Christmas day off, I was so appreciative of my position and ability to have off three days. Three whole days to snuggle my Mama, learn how to make Key Lime pie with my Daddy and laugh with family members I don’t get to see often enough. This year I finally understood. I understood what it’s like to be an adult and that time goes by so quickly you have to enjoy each moment. As I get older I feel like the days and weeks fly by and I know it’ll only get worse. I wanted to truly appreciate the time I spent at home.

 I feel like this year I finally appreciated gifts that were given to me as well. Not that I wasn’t appreciative every year prior to this, but again I feel like I truly understood this year how incredible it is to receive one gift let alone MANY gifts. To think that someone picked out that present with me in mind and spent their hard earned money on it is so moving. The scarf that my parents picked out knowing it would match multiple things in my wardrobe, the sweater my brother hand selected because it was in the same color family as things he knew I wore a lot, and the ear muffs with headphones built in that my cousins gave me because they know that my walk to work is unbearable. Thoughtful presents that someone picked out for ME. I was so humbled and felt very loved.

 It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of fancy presents but that’s not the point of Christmas. To me, Christmas is about spending time with your family and the ones you love. I can’t help but think of the man who I see in the harbor on my walk home from work everyday. Curled up on a bench trying to stay warm in a sleeping bag with enough holes to make you question its warmth. This year I was able to drive to see my family in my car, with plenty of gas, presents to hand out, a warm bed and plate of food, and hot shower awaiting my arrival.  I am so incredibly grateful.

 Now I’m back in Baltimore reminiscing on the laughter, hugs, kisses and love that was poured out to me over the past three days.  Life is good.

photo (3)


3 thoughts on “A Christmas for the books

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  2. I seriously have no idea how one day can fly by like it does.. but it does every single year. Just wait until your wedding day! Now that’s a bitch.. But a topic for another day!
    I’m happy to hear that you are seeing Christmas with new eyes.. New, grown up eyes. I know what you mean about appreciating it as an adult.. not getting the same amount of time off of work, getting less but appreciating what you get more than ever. !!

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