Tis The Season…

…for Christmas lights! Hampden, a quaint neighborhood on the outskirts of Baltimore, is known for their Christmas light display. If you live on 34th street in Hampden you have to be full of Christmas cheer and the holiday spirit because you don’t want to be THAT house that doesn’t go all out.

I recently read an article in The Baltimore Sun about the history of this particular light display. “Miracle on 34th Street” as it is known is seen by thousands of visitors and locals each year and a large chunk of those visitors happened to be there on Saturday night along with Steve and I.

It was the last Saturday before Christmas and also happened to be 70 degrees so we decided to make a date night out of it, head to Hampden, grab some dinner and wander down 34th street looking at the lights. Apparently half of Baltimore had the same idea. We quickly decided that dinner was not going to happen and headed for the lights. Among the chaos we still enjoyed the lights and the time with each other. At one point we stopped in the crowded street, arms wrapped around each other and just took it all in.

photo 1
ne side of the street

photo (1)
ne of my favorites! The Natty Boh at the top moved

photo 2

photo 3

We loved that everything at this particular house was made with auto & bicycle parts. The snowmen were made of bicycle wheels and the tree below is made of hubcaps!

photo 4


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