Taking The Time

How is it already December 20th? I feel like it was Thanksgiving yesterday and I was throwing my Halloween party the day before that. I’ve noticed that over the past month I’ve been a little Christmas crazy. I actually referred to myself as Christmaszilla last night to Steve. Not that I’ve been unbearable- I’ve been the opposite. I’ve been so full of the Christmas spirit, but I’ve been stressing and focusing on the wrong aspects of the season. I’ve been stressing about the perfect presents, having a meltdown when the mailman lost one of my favorite presents I purchased,  making batch after batch of Christmas cookies and pinning a million table centerpieces. These aren’t necessarily bad things to be doing (well minus the stressing part) it’s just that I’m doing everything TO GET IT DONE. I’m didn’t enjoy making the reindeer cookies or browsing Etsy for the last few presents because I was just completing something on my T-Do List to get it done.

Last night I finished my shopping and my baking and my stressing. I want to enjoy the next few days especially with the fun activities we have planned! So after the last of the cookies came out of the oven I grabbed Steve and we went for a walk in the neighborhood to check out the Christmas lights. To be honest, we only stayed out for about 15 minutes before we were freezing and our long days of work caught up with us…but it was still fun.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (1)

photo 4 (1)

photo 5


One thought on “Taking The Time

  1. Good on you for finishing all of your Christmas stuff!! I wish I was in your boat. I’m working on it this week!! (Duh, it’s the ONLY week before Christmas….!!) I’ll be happy to have it all finished and then I can truly relaaaaax.

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