Merry Mail Ornament Link-Up

merry mail

A little over a month ago Kenzie at Chasing Happy announced a Merry Mail Ornament Exchange with fellow bloggers. I love any chance I can get to meet new bloggers and connect. I was matched up with Jess over at Stamp in my Passport and we have had the chance to get to know each other.

What we have in common:

– We both love Paris (She actually studied abroad in Europe…I’m so jealous)
– We love little doggies (She has a dachshund and I have a shih tzu)
– She lives in Georgia (my brother lives in Georgia)
– We both would travel 24/7 if given the chance!

I got Jess’ package in the mail the mail and was so excited to see what she had made!

I love that she included a Christmas card explaining what she had made and mentioned things she had read from my blog. It was nice to know that someone was actually reading what I write.

photo 1

I’m also slightly obsessed with the tissue paper- Jess where did you buy this?!

Inside the tissue paper were homemade cinnamon ornaments cut into tiny shapes with a dainty green string to hang them from my Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the mailman was not a gentle giant and all of the ornaments were smashed into pieces. My heart sank when I realized they were broken but the smell coming from the package was heavenly so I knew I had to salvage this somehow. I placed the pieces in an old Christmas candle votive that I hadn’t been able to find a use for and placed it on my bedside table. My room smelled of cinnamon for at least three days and the card is on display.

photo 3

photo 2

Jess- Thank you for your sweet Christmas package. It has been great getting to know you and I can’t wait to keep in touch 🙂


2 thoughts on “Merry Mail Ornament Link-Up

  1. I like that you made the best of the situation with the broken pieces. I bet the smelled really good!! It’s so nice to see that people actually read the words you’re writing and not just looking at the pictures!!

  2. I would have wrapped them in layers of bubble wrap if I had known your mail man was going to practice his dunk with the package. At least they still smelled good!

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