5 Easy Christmas Desserts

As I mentioned yesterday baking treats during the holiday season makes me so excited! Below are some recipes I’ve rounded up that I’ve made myself and some are ones I want to try in the near future!



Peppermint bark is easily one of my favorite sweet treats. Add that layer of milk chocolate on the bottom and I am in heaven!


These are mini Eggnog cakes. I’m not a huge eggnog fan but my brother is so I might have to try these out for him!



I feel like this recipe is one of those that you look at and think there’s no way you can duplicate it…but then you stare some more and realize how completely simple it is to make.


Such an easy thing to make and yet SO GOOD.



I made this recipe for our Christmas party and the popcorn was a hit!


3 thoughts on “5 Easy Christmas Desserts

  1. Good thing you are not around me this Christmas! I’m trying very hard to be good this holiday season……!! Everything looks seriously delicious- I’m not even exaggerating!

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