Fall Bucket List Re-Cap


On September 24th I linked up with Erin & Brittney with a list of things I wanted to accomplish during the fall months a “Fall Bucket List”.

Here is my recap:

1. Decorate a pumpkin- I never actually got to do this. We had a few kids run around the neighborhood smashing pumpkins 😦

2. Visit Howl-O-Scream- Again, never got around to it. The fall season was jam packed with events and it just wasn’t in the cards for this year.

3. Baking- I made some YUMMY new treats. Including testing my hand at gourmet popcorn and mini apple cider muffins.

4. Halloween Party– The party I threw at a local bar was probably one of my favorite events I’ve ever hosted! We all got dressed up and enjoyed our own private bartender- the life!

5. Watch 5 scary movies- After watching The Conjuring for the first time we were scary movied out! Talk about scary!!

6. Apple picking/pumpkin patch picking– We didn’t get to pick pumpkins but we did enjoy fresh apple cider from a local farm. We also got to go pumpkin picking at the patch I used to visit as a child.

What did you accomplish on your Fall bucket list?


2 thoughts on “Fall Bucket List Re-Cap

  1. Okay FIRST of all.. Gourmet popcorn YUM. I looked at your post and will have to try out maple bacon popcorn, oh my goodness!!
    Um, the Conjuring.. I’m not sure if you saw the post I dedicated to this movie.. it freaked me out so good. I became quite curious about the real story behind it all and started researching. NOW I’m reading “House of Darkness House of Light” Volume 1 written by the eldest daughter. It’s pretty good.. and I’m not too too spooked. I just make sure not to read it riiiight before bed because then I have ghosty related dreams which is never a welcome subject in my dreams..!
    ( I left the link to that post IF you want to read it. You don’t have to though.) 🙂

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