My Week in Photos #2

Happy Friday everyone! I’m rushing to get home, bake yummy treats and get ready for my house Christmas Party!

For now, here are some highlights from my week. Have a good weekend!

photo 1

On Saturday I went to DC with Steve and his family and it was the perfect day. It was FREEZING, but the sun was out and the city was decked out in Christmas lights.

photo 2

I am obsessed with Starbucks hot cocoa. Steve and I made two cups of cocoa and went down to the harbor to walk through the Christmas lights. All was going well until I wanted photos of me in front of the tree and a security guard started following us around…like we were going to do something..come on.

photo 5

#GivingTuesday was a HUGE SUCCESS! I still cannot believe that Baltimore did it, we raised over $5 million! Today’s reports actually said we are up to $5.6 million and counting!

photo 3 (2)

I attempted a new recipe this week- one I found on Pinterest. Let me just tell you that not alllll recipes on Pinterest are successful, blog worthy, or even edible. This particular “brownies in a mug” recipe was no bueno. YIKES.

photo 1 (1)

I am unfortunately dealing with a sore throat right now that I’m hoping to kick out of my system ASAP! I have the party tonight, a wedding tomorrow and a company party tomorrow! No one has time to be sick during the holiday season! Cross your fingers it goes away really quickly!

What did you do this week?


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