Pinterest Round-Up: Christmas Decorations

I can’t believe Christmas is only THREE WEEKS AWAY. I feel like just yesterday I was mourning the end of summer, now here we are only a few days away from the shortest day of the year! To celebrate and get excited for Christmas I’ve decided to do a few Pinterest Round-Ups. The theme of todays round-up is Christmas decorations! I love laying out the fresh branches, putting the wreath up and hanging the stockings. This year will be a little different since I’m in a new house in the city with roommates but I’m thankful that they love Christmas as much as I do! We are celebrating by hosting an Ugly Sweater Party at our house on Friday. You may see some of these decorations in the photos later in the week!



I love a traditional wreath but thought this was a different option that would look great on a red door like they have it here.



Something to put away in the back of my mind for when I share a last name with someone else- something different than the traditional wreath.



I love this because its different- not bright red or dark green but still very festive!



Lately I’ve been alllll about the metallic Christmas colors so this mantle display is no different.



These would be good outdoors or even in a foyer as you enter the house!



Don’t forget about your front porch or back deck when decorating for Christmas. Simple touches like this make all the difference.



I have never decorated my bedroom for Christmas- I’m really not sure why but I’ve always focused on the rooms that everyone shares and will see when visitors come over. From now on I might be putting more effort into the bedroom as well.



This is something my Mom has done in our dining room for the past two years. Hanging Christmas ornaments from a chandelier or light fixture gives it that extra something to pull the room together. The solid metallics look good but pops of color from bright ornaments looks great too.



So simple, dainty and girly. This crochet snowflake garland would be PERFECT in my whimsical bedroom.



I grew up with advent calendars and as I got older my Mom tried to make more creative and age appropriate versions. This would be perfect for an adult couple!

Stay tuned for a few more Pinterest Round-Ups for the holidays!

Which of these is your favorite?


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Round-Up: Christmas Decorations

  1. Hey! I like your new blog look! Very festive.
    I love love love the bedroom decorating idea! My husband used to get a ‘bedroom’ tree as a kid. How COOL is that!!!? I married a man that LOVES Christmas and I often refer to my Mother In Law as Mother Holiday (and a couple of other things, but I shouldn’t mention those now.. lol)! I also love the tree made of lights. My hubby would love that too.. If we had a bigger house I would do exactly what you said- and stick it in the foyer. It would be such a bright, happy way to greet people coming and going.

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