My Week In Photos #1

photo 1photo 2

On Saturday I was getting amped for the game so I wore my purple pants and enjoyed mexican food with a friend from out of town

photo 3photo 4

Sunday I went to my first Ravens game!!! I’ve lived in Baltimore for a year and a half but haven’t had the opportunity to go to a game. It was 30 degrees and I had on enough clothing to go skiing but I had THE BEST TIME.

photophoto 1 (20)

On Monday Steve and I made my Mom’s famous vegetable soup- but my little Italian wanted pasta added to. So I guess we have the Megan & Steve revised edition! We also celebrated Shannon’s belated birthday with some champagne and cupcakes!

photo 2 (17)

On Wednesday I worked a half day so Steve and I went to Miss. Shirleys to kick of Thanksgiving “break”. I had my usual and favorite- cinnamon danish waffles.

photo 3 (18)

My parents came to Baltimore for Thanksgiving! I couldn’t be happier that they are in town. Here is my Dad cutting the roast beef for dinner yesterday.

photo 4 (10)

I made the most delicious little treat for Thanksgiving. Keep an eye out for the recipe which I will be sharing next week!!

How was your week?


2 thoughts on “My Week In Photos #1

  1. All I got out of that was WAFFLE DANISH! Oh my goodness, that looks so damn good! I’m glad to hear that you’re spending time with your folks! Always a bonus. 🙂

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