The Thankful Project: The House That Built Me

Today I’m Thankful for…my childhood home

Last year I wrote a post with the same title as today’s post, but it was about my relationship with my parents. Today I am thankful for the house and land that  helped me grow.

The house with the hardwood floor that I helped put down.

The dining room where I learned how to do proper place settings while helping set up for Christmas dinner.

The kitchen where I learned how to cook my very first meal and the kitchen table where my family talked each night and shared our day with each other.


The living room where I’ve seen many furniture rearrangements and 19 Christmas trees have been set up in.

tree trimming

The mud room where I hand fed a 6 week old kitten who grew into a sassy cat who ran the house.

The studio where I had a murder mystery party, my 18th birthday and many movie nights.

Meg Mystery BD 03 i

My bedroom where I got ready for high school dances, learned how to use makeup and cried over a broken heart.


The yard where I learned how to plant daffodils and rose bushes.

The garden that taught me bunnies really like strawberries.

The driveway where I learned how to ride a bicycle and a long board…and have the scars to prove it.

The shed where I learned how to build a rabbit hutch and stain a ribbon case.

The backyard where family baseball games were held and I learned how to play the game.

The yard where our homemade rockets were shot off and the field we ran through to retrieve them.

The pool where I learned to swim and rescued a duck from the skimmer.


The woods where my Dad built us a tree house complete with a zip line through the woods.

zip line

The front porch where I watched my Dad shoot a rabid raccoon and felt completely protected and safe.

The dirt roads where I learned to drive a stick shift and the hills that I stalled out on.

The streets where I trick or treated and took my very first puppy for a walk

The land and neighborhood that seems to welcome me back every time my little green car turns into the development.

The house that built me.


4 thoughts on “The Thankful Project: The House That Built Me

  1. This sounds like somewhere to be very thankful for. You had the dream childhood; the yard, the house, the land, the POOL and the supportive, loving family. You are one lucky lady but it’s evident in your post that you already know that. Well written.

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