The Thankful Project: My Brother

thankful project title

I’m Thankful for… My Brother

I’m combining today and tomorrows post into one giant post today.

 Thursday November 14- A Blessing
Friday November 15- An Annoyance

 My brother has been both of these at some point in the 23 years that I have known him so I felt it was only fitting to be thankful for him today.

 Jon is 29 years old and has taught me more life lessons than I could ever thank him for.

 What I’ve learned from my brother:

  • Beads can and WILL get stuck if you put them up your nose
  • Piggy back rides through snow are never a good idea- especially if the person carrying you slips on ice
  • Skateboarding down the back ramp can result in scars you are proud of
  • LOL means laughing out loud, not lots of love (I was THAT awkward girl on AIM for a solid two months)
  • The cheat codes for SIMS are totally worth it
  • Peddle really fast when riding your bike through a puddle or you WILL get stuck and fall over into said puddle
  • Wear closed toe shoes and avoid charcoal pits at all costs
  • Transporting kayaks on little red wagons is not the best idea

 But really, he’s taught me:

  • That a sibling can become one of your best friends if you only give it time and grow up a little
  • That not talking everyday doesn’t matter- when you spend time together it’s like you were never apart
  • That having different Mom’s means absolutely nothing when you have been together from the very beginning.
  • That love may not always work out, but it’s the person you become through the storm that matters

 I love you Jon and am so proud of the person you are today! Continue to embrace your country roots, grow through your faith and make everyone around you smile and laugh.

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7 thoughts on “The Thankful Project: My Brother

  1. Reading posts like these that you wrote makes me proud to be your brother. I am proud of the lady you have became and even more proud to call you my sister! – love ya Meg!

  2. Such a nice post for your bro to be able to read.. ( I see that he has above my comment.)
    Brothers are really good at messing with us. My brother was always the dog poop scooper and I was always the loser that had to hold the bag open. But you know brothers.. they aren’t nice about putting the poop in the bag.. He would fling it at me.. or hit my hand with it.. Ugh.. such a gross job but an even grosser job with a brother!!
    It’s true.. you don’t always have to talk to your brother, to start right back where you left off the next time you’re together.

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