Baltimore Eats: Stuggys in Fed Hill

A couple weekends ago, Steve and I were out enjoying the nightlife in our neighborhood and noticed a new addition next to my favorite late night grub spot. The words Gourmet Hotdogs had me inquiring as to what this new place was like. We agreed to check it out someday and that day was this past Saturday. We were in a rush but wanted to grab food somewhere close by. This little gem is tucked on a side street yet one of the busiest streets in Fed and also happens to be close by. They have two other servicing locations-Fells Point and Camden Yards yet I had never heard of them!

photo 4 (1)

I was seriously surprised and impressed at the interior and the design of Stuggys. Most of the quick food spots in Fed are little holes in the wall. The area is mostly bar restaurants with a heavy nightlife presence and any food joints can get away with selling $2 soggy french fries to the drunkies. I was pleasantly surprised. The exposed brick was gorgeous and talk about amazing exposed ceiling.

photo 3

I also really enjoyed the paintings on the wall and the “signatures” of dogs on the bottom (maybe the family dogs?). You can barely see one of the paws peaking out from the barstool.

photo 2

Stuggy’s Gourmet Hotdog Menu was impressive and a bit eclectic. The sides were unique- they definitely had something for everyone. I am going to try the duck fat french fries next time!

photo 1

My FAVORITE part of the Stuggys experience was their old fashioned soda! I couldn’t decide which one to get but with free refills I could have had a couple different choices!

photo 1 (1)

I settled on Birch Beer because its sooo good and I hadn’t had it in a while, but next time I’m going full steam ahead for that Vanilla Cream

photo 4

Oh hello deliciousness

photo 3 (1)

Onto the hotdog- I got a Stuggy dog (100% beef. I’m allergic to turkey so I appreciated their menu board stating the ingredients) with onions on a homemade pretzel bun. I love pretzels just about as much as I love Nutella, especially pretzels dipped IN Nutella…soo this was a no brainer in my bun choice. The hotdog was amazing as was the bun. My only complaint was that the condiments were unlabeled in clear squirt bottles and I thought I was putting ketchup on my dog, but I’m really not sure what that ended up being. Steve said maybe spicy ketchup which makes sense since it is a red sauce but if I had known it was spicy I would have stayed away. I ended up scraping some of the red stuff off and giving part of the hotdog to Steve.

photo 2 (1)

OH! and something seriously cool about Stuggys is that they sell Fishers Popcorn! Growing up near the beach it was a special treat to have Fishers, but it’s hard to find in places other than the Eastern Shore. We walked in and the built in shelves framing their kitchen and check out counter were filled with bags and buckets of none other than Fishers popcorn. Thank goodness we were the only ones in there at the time because I’m pretty sure I grabbed Steve’s arm and squealed in delight. They had gourmet donuts too…this place just kept getting better.

Let me go run a marathon so I can justify eating one of those….

Check out Stuggy’s next time you’re in Baltimore for a quick gourmet bite to eat!


2 thoughts on “Baltimore Eats: Stuggys in Fed Hill

  1. Okay, wait a minute.. how did I miss this post!? I would LOVE Stuggy’s if I ever went! Sadly I don’t think there is such a place in my part of the world. That hotdog looked incredible AND popcorn!!! I’ve never had what you’re talking about, but I bet I would love it. I am a popcorn junkie. I mean, I got to the theater FOR the popcorn. Sometimes, if I endure shopping at the mall enough, with my husband and “I’m good” (Trust me, I can be a real brat.. I hate shopping!) I get a bag of popcorn to take home as a reward! 🙂

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