Happy Harry’s Drugs

thankful project title

Today I am Thankful for…. a job.

When I was 14 I had my first job at a greenhouse. It had it’s pros and cons but after one Christmas season of helping country folk pick out poinsettia’s, it was time for me to move on. My older brother had worked at Happy Harrys (now Walgreens) as a pharmacy technician for a handful of years and helped me get a job there. I worked the cash register for about 3 months until I was moved up to be a pharmacy technician. This was probably my most interesting job (there have been some INTERESTING jobs), but this one I actually really enjoyed.

I learned a lot through contacting insurance companies, reading drug labels, and determining dosage amounts. I felt like I was actually making a difference to someone. Super sick people came to the pharmacy and you were the ticket to them feeling better. Sometimes those sick people were appreciative and sometimes they were crabby and hard to deal with. I also dealt with people who had bad intentions with the medicine we were providing.

For a brief period of time I thought about becoming a pharmacist. My parents are both nurses and although I pass out at the sight of blood and couldn’t be a nurse, this was a piece of the medical profession that I could handle. We would play the ABC game on car rides with the theme being Drug Names, super nerdy.  (ABC game is when you pick a theme and someone has to come up with an answer for each letter). However, my passion for the field died out when I left the job and I decided to go a different route.

I am thankful for this job because it taught me discipline, professionalism, discretion, and compassion.


After a long Saturday shift putting away drugs- taking a break with Sarah


3 thoughts on “Happy Harry’s Drugs

  1. Well I can certainly relate to this post. That’s what I do, normally. (On maternity leave right now.) I am a pharmacy tech in a retirement community. So you can imagine 90% of our clientele is very old and very … well old. LOL I do enjoy my job because like you said, you feel like you’re helping in some way. But it’s definitely not something I want to do for the rest of my life. Now that I’ve been away from it for almost nine months, I can see clearly that there is so much out there… I would love for my writing to take off, somehow. But that is up to me.. and that’s the part that worries me the most. I don’t try enough.. I don’t push myself enough.. Perhaps I’ll find the courage one day, to take the plunge.. actually write something and figure out how and where to submit it.. and see what happens.

    • You’re young, there are so many different career options out there! You could do it as a writer- you just have to push yourself! You can do it! I enjoy reading your blog posts, that’s something 🙂

      • Thanks Megan- I’m glad you are enjoying my blog! I just realized that you comment on your blog to my comments. So I’ve been going back into your old posts to read your comments!

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