Twinkle Toes

Happy Monday everyone! Is it just me or do the weeks seem to drag on forever and the weekends are gone in the blink of an eye? That needs to be changed asap.

However, I am super grateful for daylight savings time for the extra hour of sleep last night, I needed it. But I hate how early it gets dark now!

Here’s a recap of my weekend:

photo 1 (1)

One thing I love about my job is my co-workers. They take good care of me and on a Friday that seemed to go on forever it was nice to get this little present. The way to my heart is through sweets!

photo 4 (1)

photo 3
he leaves are finally changing colors in Baltimore! We had a few trees that changed early but it seems like this week all the trees have jumped on the bandwagon. After work on Friday my roommate and I walked around and took some pictures.

photo 1

One of my best friends had her birthday weekend in Atlantic City this weekend but I was unable to attend so I watched her baby for her! Lucy is so funny. She will crawl and wiggle her way into your lap even if there is only an inch of space for her little body, she will make it work.

We also had the anniversary party for my company on Saturday night. It was good to let loose and see everyone outside of work. I especially loved seeing everyones spouses and meeting the people I had heard so much about! I was such a lucky girl, with a handsome date, a great night of friends and food and a dance floor that was calling my name.

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How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Twinkle Toes

  1. My weekend was pretty good. I’m going to have to write a post with a bit of a recap today at some point… We’ll see when that happens. Daylight’s savings time sort of ate away at my blogging time with this little monster waking up an hour ‘earlier’ than I’m used to.
    I love how beautiful the Fall leaves are.. It’s so hard to capture the actual beauty on a camera. I’m surprised your leaves just decided to turn. Ours have been turning for weeks, some are already gone.. 😦

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