I’m thankful for…my Mama

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As I mentioned in a previous post I am happy to be participating in The Thankful Project with Chasing Happy this month. I will sometimes do a post solely around the topic for that day or I’ll write a few sentences at the bottom of an unrelated post. I’m excited to take a step back and really appreciate the things, people and life that I have around me. Too often I feel it’s easy to get caught up in the woes of life when there is so much beauty around us. I’m hoping to be able to reflect on situations and look at them with a different perspective, appreciate those around me and truly feel grateful for all that I have.

Today I am thankful for… My Mom.

This lady. I don’t even know where to begin. It’s interesting to think back on what my perspective of my Mom was as a child, a teenager, a college student, and now. They have changed drastically as I have changed drastically. Some memories make my heart happy and some make me want to immediately scoop her up into a hug and apologize for being a bratty teenager. The stuff I put her through, the trust she had in me, and the relationship we have now continues to blow me away.

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As a kid I would go to her with EVERYTHING. When I was sent home from school sick I wanted her to take care of me regardless of whether she had meetings to attend that day. When I hit a growth spurt I wanted her to take me to the mall to pick out new jeans because high waters were not cute. When my Dad went away on business I wanted to sleep in her bed, not mine. She very rarely said no to me as I was growing up, but I was never given everything I wanted. She taught me at a young age that we cannot have everything we want, we have to pick and choose and there are consequences to every choice.

She taught me crucial lessons that I still think about today. Like the time we went back to school shopping and I wanted to shop at Limited Too and ONLY Limited Too. After she explained that I could get one complete outfit from LT for the price of 12 outfits from Target, my mindset completely changed. Today this holds true, its a game and a challenge, how many amazing things can I get within my budget? Don’t get me wrong, I love Michael Kors but my rule of thumb is that I have to wear/use the item the number of times equal to the cost. Aka If it costs $20 I have to wear it 20 times.


When I hit the glorious (not) years of teen angst I pulled away a little bit more. I became more secretive and more distant. This caused us to fight and I rebelled. I was starting to like boys and didn’t want to give any details about these feelings away. We got beyond that once I started dating my high school sweetheart. She trusted me and did a lot to make me happy. I was dating someone who lived on the other side of the county, an hour away! I didn’t have my drivers license so she would cart me an hour to and an hour back when I wanted to visit and would even let me sleep over so we could get a little extra time in.


When I went off to college we both struggled. I was only 40 minutes away but we no longer could sit at the table and talk about our day face to face or run an errand together just so we could listen to Ludacris on the radio. This was when our relationship evolved from parent teaching her child to mother supporting her child as a parent and a friend. She listened and brainstormed ideas when I started getting a better idea of the career I wanted, participated in Phi Mu Family Picnics and listened when I cried about the most awful Halloween of my life.

photo 1

Today she is my best friend. We are the farthest we have ever lived from each other and there is now a huge, long, scary bridge in between us. Fun fact: My Mom’s biggest fear is driving over bridges. All it took was one 5am phone call telling her I was super sick and needed her for that fear to be tested. She drove across the bridge and took care of me for the rest of the day.

photo 3

Above all, she has been one of the constants in my life. She was the first person I called when my high school sweetheart and I broke up, when my best friend got in serious trouble with our sorority, when I wasn’t happy in first job out of college and when I couldn’t handle being an adult and wanted to move home. She is the first person I text good morning to every single morning and text good night to every single night. She waits up to make sure I get home after a late night of driving back to the city and walks my puppy every day since I can’t have him in the city yet. She teaches me how to make new recipes in hopes that someday I can provide for my family with those very meals. She listens to my day when I call at 5pm and never shares the gorey details of her stressful day until I ask (which I need to do more often).

And she was the first person I called when I found a man who treats me like a princess each and every day.


6 thoughts on “I’m thankful for…my Mama

  1. Great post! There’s nothing that can compare to a mother daughter relationship! Here’s hoping my daughter feels this way 25 years from now!

    Stopping by from the Chasing Happy link-up!Nice to see a fellow Baltimorean!

  2. What a sweet tribute to your mom. I’m super close with my mom, too, and I agree- it’s interesting to think about the way my view of her has changed over the years. Now as a mama myself, I understand and appreciate her that much more. Stopping over from the link up!

  3. Oh wow, you guys really are close. My mom and I had a falling out, where we weren’t getting along for over a year. Long story but she wasn’t being very reasonable or herself.. Something happened and suddenly she was just back to being her. Since then, our relationship has never been better. I pretended when we weren’t getting along, that I didn’t care, that I didn’t need her. But, I know I was lying to myself. Everyone needs their mother. It’s nice to see that you have yours too.
    That baby picture of both of you (she was a baby in it too..!) is really sweet.

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