I’m obsessed with Nutella & Marley as told by my iPhone

The caption says it all. I asked you all to help me with a fun and random blog post that I wanted to do a repeat of. You picked numbers between 1-750 and I would post whatever photo on my iPhone corresponded with that number. You all chose numbers and shared them with me via this blog, Instagram and Facebook. Below are the results!


13.  This little boy. Everytime I go home to visit my parents the first thing I do is scoop him up and give him a good cuddle. The rest of the visit is spent with me chasing him around the house to let me squeeze and kiss on him while he runs away. This was a rare moment when he let me snuggle him on the living room floor- he just wanted to be scratched..

photo (1)

22. This is so embarrassing but adorable at the same time. I remember back to the days of fishing at Trap Pond with my Dad and brother. I was so excited to get out there but as soon as I was told to sit and wait, I wasn’t having it. I would end up wandering around the pond all day or whining that I wanted to go home.  Clearly I was fashionable before I even knew it, high waisted pants and tucked in shirts are back in. Along with bold patterns (hat) and bright colors.

photo (2)

34. I am a sucker for pinterest quotes and most likely Instragrammed this little gem at some point. It’s true though. I used to not be a spontaneous person, but that changed when I moved to the city. I like to make plans still but I’m more easy going. Life is too short.

photo (3)

89. These beauties ❤ I know Byrd and Renee from our previous company and met Whitney through Renee (they are roommates). I didn’t get to know Whit until we all spent 4 glorious days in her family’s beach house in Ocean City for 4th of July. I have never laughed, danced, and sunbathed so much in my life. We had the best time. This photo was taken at a party held at Whitney’s boyfriends house this past summer.

photo (4)

221. I have never seen this happen EVER! A bad thunderstorm came through the area and the tower at BWI was struck by lightning. No flights could leave or come in for about 5 hours. One of my co-workers was sending his parents back to the West Coast and waiting for his girlfriend to fly in from the west coast and neither could go anywhere!

photo (5)

233. Strawberries and Nutella are my favorite combination with Peanut Butter and Nutella as a close second. This is a sign of a good night and an indicator that I should probably go through and delete random photos off of my phone!

photo (6)

430. This is why I love the little country town I’m from. How beautiful is this shot? The building is actually one of the oldest churches in Delaware as it was built in 1832 and moved to the current plot in 1896. This was taken on a warm Fall day this past September.

photo (7)

525. Mar needs no words. My little squishy Ewok/Teddy Bear of a pup.

photo (8)

613. He takes good care of me

photo (9)

678.  This is how I like to spend down time. Enjoying the breeze through my window and catching up on Scandal. I just started the series and am halfway through Season 2 and LOVING IT!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


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