Introducing Film Friday!

life begins with j and soup of the day are introducing to you a brand new link up! Jenn and I are really excited about this and are hoping it will take blogs to a whole new level.


How many times have you read a blog post that’s all words and found yourself skimming through the post? I find that photos help any blog post come to life. We, the readers, want to peek inside your world and relate to you. But let’s take it just a step further….what about videos? Jenn and I are hosting Film Friday! Each week record a video on your digital camera or make a quick vine while on the run in your city. Show us your favorite hot spot, how you watched the game that week, your puppy in the park or share an inspiration video you found online. The videos can be inspiring, funny, or anything you want!

Take this week to record your video and share it with us next Friday October 25th! On the 25th, grab the button and post your video! Make sure to link back to us and check out the other videos posted! This is a weekly post so get creative and link up with us each week!


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