The Walking Dead Premiere!

So I’m a day late but I was in bed all day yesterday feeling like poo so here we go.

**This post is FULL of spoiler alerts so if you haven’t watch the episode yet, please do not read below! THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

 I have been a huge Walking Dead fan since the first season. I also had a job where zombies were essentially providing me my income so even if I didn’t like zombies I would have been watching…Good thing I was already a zombie fan.

 Before Sunday’s premiere, AMC had marathons running of the previous seasons- I obviously pushed my social life to the side for some refreshers. Overall I think Season 2 was my favorite. Being stranded on a farm and living off the land and what supplies you had is a very believable scenario. I also happen to love Maggie and Hershel and think the show wouldn’t be what it is without their characters. I was a little nervous for the premiere because Season 3 was not that great. I’m personally not a huge fan of the prison setting and the introduction of so many new characters at once can be distracting from the actual story line.

 I had some questions before the episode even aired and was bouncing around ideas with my friends who also watch the show.

 How are Maggie and Glenn not pregnant? They have been together for two seasons now, we have seen them doing the act, and we know there isn’t a pharmacy down the street where she can pick up medicine.

 What is with all the blood in the premiere commercial? The pool and trail of blood out of the prison cell was dramatic and made me nervous, kudos AMC.

 How are we going to be introduced to all of these new characters and actually maintain an easy to understand story line? Too many people too fast equals too much.

 On Sunday night I put on my Keep Calm Kill Zombies shirt and headed to Byrd’s house with S. We chose to order food and eat dinner while we watched the episode- big mistake. I literally had to stop eating. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gone without gore in my life for so long or if this episode was just particularly bloody but I couldn’t hang.

 My overall thoughts on the episode:

 –       The zombies look way better this season. I expected the makeup and prosthetics to get better with each season and they definitely are. Remember the zombie who falls through the ceiling in the grocery store and the back of his head sticks to the floor while he stands up? Yeah that was my favorite.

–       What was up with the weirdo dirt covered woman? I’m not going to lie, when she came at Rick with the knife I jumped and shrieked. Also, what on earth was under the burlap tarp? Her husband? In a ball? Yikes. Something tells me this isn’t the end of her story.

–       Carl grew up! Whoa, the surfer boy haircut doesn’t look so bad on him. And his voice! The first time he opened his mouth to speak everyone in the room burst into laugher because we kinda forgot that Carl was going to grow up and have a deeper voice at some point.

–       What’s up with Daryl and Carol? What’s up with Daryl and Beth?

–       The bloody eyes. The first time we see the bloody eye zombie is in the beginning when Rick is working in the garden. While I was super impressed that they are gardening I was really freaked out that Rick was doing so with earphones in and music blasting. He would never hear a zombie grunting behind him as it lunges for his neck. Sounds like something Carl would do, not Rick. Violet dies and we see the bloody eyes again…but a different zombie. We were throwing around ideas in our viewing party and I suggested it might be the water. Sure enough Harry Potter splashes the water on his face and his eyes burn out of his head.

–       What is wrong with the water? Is it contaminating all of their crops? Is that really how Violet died? How many other zombies have the bloody eye thing going on? Will Harry Potter attack a lot of people in the night before they realize what is going on? I bet Carol will feel bad for telling him to man up when he said he felt sick. Geez Carol.

My final verdict: I’m pleasantly surprised by the first episode of Season 4. I did not have high hopes for this season but I’m hooked and can’t wait to see what will happen next week.

 Check out the preview for this Sunday’s episode!


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