Leggings aren’t appropriate for the work place?

Dressing for the job you want…

As most of you know I came to Baltimore to work for a unique company. I did a lot of traveling and the majority of my time on the job I was getting down and dirty outside.  Switching gears from that to my new corporate position was and still is an adjustment. Every day I am learning how to be a professional in this world.

What have I learned? That I didn’t (and still don’t) really know how to dress for the corporate world!

Who knew that leggings and bean boots weren’t normal work clothes? I cannot believe that my work wardrobe consisted of leggings (both on site and IN THE OFFICE), tall skull socks, jeans, tank tops, tech tubes and hoodies. Now when I put on a dress in the morning I have to check to see if it is too short (9 times out of 10 it is). I’m slowly building my wardrobe for this new position and having a lot of fun doing so. Cute dresses, statement necklaces and heels are catching my eye more and more. I can’t remember the last time I bought a new pair of heels or flats but now it’s all I can think about! I’m loving the idea of mixing and matching pieces, adding layers, and dressing up items of clothing that I normally wouldn’t think about. I am loving Lacey’s blog! Her combinations of summer dresses with t-shirts and chunky sweaters with chunky necklaces make me wonder why I didn’t think of that?! All in all, I feel inspired and am looking at the task of buying new work clothes as a challenge. How many pieces can I mix & match and how thrifty can I be in the process? The goal is to only purchase items on sale and if buying online, no shipping charge please! Maybe Thrifty Thursday posts? Stay tuned!

Some pieces that I have my eye on for fall:


Heels- I have a pair of black heels and nude heels that I alternate and wear everyday. To switch it up I’ll throw on my leopard or colored flats but I prefer to wear heels. I am obsessed with leopard since it goes with EVERYTHING and think these leopard flats would fit into the fall/winter wardrobe well. I’m also looking to buy my first pair of booties to go with pencil skirts and skinny pants. (Target)

Dresses & Tops- I love the simple gray work dress and definitely need a striped shirt to wear with my pencil skirt. Both of these with a statement necklace, perfection. (H&M)

Watch- I’ve mentioned before that I am in the market for a nice watch and still want that MK one above but I can’t help but want the girly and glittery Kate Spade option too. (MK & Kate Spade)

Kate Spade Bag- Every girl needs an oversized black bag to carry all of her “work things” back and forth. Kate does it right.

Toodles while I go drool over all the pretty things in my shopping carts.


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