Word Vomit

This week has been the busiest work week yet, and it’s only Tuesday. I have been running around the office like crazy with a To-Do list a mile long. Thank goodness for my lists or I would lose my mind!

I have a couple different blog posts floating around that I will be writing over the next week but today I have nothing and very little energy. I miss Blogtember, like a lot.

Just a few thoughts that are making my head spin right now:

– Life. How different it is today than it was a year ago.  More to come in a different post
– Running. This weekend is the Baltimore Running Festival. I signed up a while ago with the intentions to actually run leading up to the race so I would do well on actual race day. Between switching jobs, moving to a new house and getting used to a whole new routine I majorly slacked on that. I have a free trial membership to an amazing gym near my work until November so the next two weeks are going to be intense work outs. Its a free trial, I HAVE to do this. That doesn’t help the fact that this race this weekend is going to be rough. Thank goodness I’m running it alone so no one can see me walk some of it.
– Traveling. The travel bug has bit, and bit hard. I have a long list of places I want to go but as always money doesn’t grow on trees and neither does days off from work. Why can’t I be a travel blogger and review food, places, and restaurants in different cities?
– Holidays. It’s that time of the year again! I’m getting excited for my Halloween costume and I can’t stop pinning Thanksgiving centerpieces and Holiday DIY decorations. Literally love this time of the year. The next three months have some pretty amazing holidays!
– What to do with all this extra time? I am not used to having so much free time! After college I went straight into a job where it consumed my life and I had no free time. I’m working on the jewelry business more and also thinking about some other routes that I was once interested in and pushed into the back of my mind. We will see- more info over the next few months.
– WEEKENDS ARE BACK! I literally cannot explain how happy I am to have my weekends and life back. The past 2 months have been so refreshing and overall HAPPY. I’m all about this life.



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