Hot & Sticky October

Happy Monday everyone! I started the day by waking up late (my alarm was set for PM not AM) and left my lunchbox at the house (shoutout to Jadyn for delivering it to me at work).

Butttt I had a GREAT weekend and can’t complain about being back to work on this rainy day. It’s time to link up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!

By the time Friday night rolled around S & I were exhausted. A long week of work was behind us and a super busy weekend was in front of us so we opted to indulge in some pizza and wine and call it an early night. We live in the city so ordering from a chain is not going to happen, there are too many gooood places to get food (I never thought I would say that). So we ordered from Homeslyce (loved the name before I even tried the pizza). We did build your own and made a green pepper and onions pizza. It was so good! The best part? We could walk there to pick it up. The restaurant itself was my style- wall length chalk boards with bright swirly letters spelling out the menu & specials. The pizza wasn’t ready when we got there so we sat at the bar and split an Angry Orchard. I am so excited for fall so I can enjoy hard cider and its socially acceptable.

Saturday we slept in a little and then headed to the Fells Point Festival. I had no idea what to expect but everyone had been talking about this festival for weeks. Fells Point is gorgeous with old row homes and cobblestone streets. We checked out some of the craft vendors, drank beer and enjoyed the BEST cajun chicken tacos from a food truck.  It was unusually hot this weekend at a high 90 degrees. October in Maryland hasn’t been this hot for as long as I can remember!

fells1 fells2 fells3

Sunday we woke up early again and headed to the Maryland Science Center. I had free tickets through work. Not only had I never been there, but they just opened a new Mummy exhibit as well which I was dying to see. S loves science and we were able to relate on topics we both enjoyed. They also have a dinosaur exhibit- I was in heaven.  If you find yourself in Baltimore make sure you stop by and check out the Mummy Exhibit!

science1 science2 science3 science4

After nerding it up we headed to brunch with Byrd. A few of my friends have been recommending The Food Market in Hampden so we decided to give it a whirl. I will give a full report during next weeks Baltimore Eats post, but let me just say, it was AMAZING. Nutella french toast…ohhh gosh I want to eat there tomorrow and the next day and the next day!

Keep an eye out for that post coming next week 🙂



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