What a difference a year makes

I was reflecting on previous blog posts and found a list a 20 random facts I posted on August 21, 2012. If I only knew what was ahead of me when I wrote that list. What a difference a year makes..

Here is the list:

1. I could eat chick fil a every day of the week- I did when I worked at RSP, now I haven’t had it for over a month and I’m craving some nuggs!
2. I hate passive aggressive personalities and either stay far away from those people or call them on their shit- Yikes. This struggle has not gotten any easier
3. I am attracted to all things that glitter- This hasn’t changed.
4. I cannot fall asleep in an all dark room, I have to have a light on until I fall asleep, then it can be turned out.- So..I put on my big girl panties and can fall asleep in the dark now haha
5. I’m scared of dying
6. I would kill to be able to drink a whole glass of milk again- I’ve joked about finding a day with nothing going on and doing this and just hoping for the best…but I’m serious I want to drink a glass of milk.
7. My dog knows all of my secrets- if he could talk, he would have some stories to tell
8. I tell people when I poop.- It has been brought o my attention how “not normal” this is. Oh well, its me.
9. I hate when my finger nails and toenails aren’t painted- I’ve actually gone about two months without painting my fingernails, but I love them to be dark in the fall so I will be hitting up the salon soon for those fall colors
10. I don’t know how to use Mac computers- I use one everyday at work and will be buying a macbook as soon as I can. 
11. I would wear dresses and heels to work everyday if I could- I do now that I work at a different company and I love it
12. I don’t like talking on the phone with other people around- what a weird “phobia”, I’m over that.
13. I hate tomatoes but like ketchup- Nothing has changed here
14. I am a homebody and would prefer to be in my own space more times than not- Hmmm this is about half and half true. I love being at home in my own space but I’ve gotten more adventurous in exploring the city
15. I am a sucker for daiseys- Love love love
16. I am allergic to cats and dogs, yet I have a dog and live with two others- This kills me. I want another dog so bad but shih tzus are hypoallergenic so I will have to stick with them. not saying I don’t love Mar, but I want a frenchie sooo bad. 
17. I love being in love more than I like being single- I’ve learned to embrace being single especially in the city. 
18. I hate cotton candy- Unless its melting in a martini glass, no thanks.
19. The mole on my hip is one of my favorite parts of my body- I’m learning to appreciate the imperfections and this is still one of my favorites
20. I’m getting a tattoo before the end of the summer- done and done. now when to get #2? 


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