High Five for Friday: Puppy playdates, taco recipes, & exciting visits!

TGIF…it was a rough morning. I successfully ran into my bedroom door and almost swallowed a tooth, tripped on the cobblestone pathway behind my house while walking Mar, and got deodorant all over my brand new shirt that I was excited to wear today.

Buuuttttt now its time for High Five for Friday!! I had a great week and can’t wait to share all the details with you!

On Monday I had the pleasure of seeing my twin cousins and my Uncle. They were in town for the Orioles game and took the time to visit with me! How amazing is it that I got off work at 5pm and walked next door to find my family at a table waiting with drinks and ready to order dinner together. I loved showing them my house, neighborhood, and city.


 My cousins’ fiancé asked me to be one of her bridesmaids! I am so excited! Not only is the wedding in my favorite month (October) but it’s at a gorgeous venue in Charlotte NC. Also, did I mention that I LOVE weddings?! I can’t wait!


 Since moving to the city I started cooking, that’s step one. Now I’m trying to coordinate my meals each week so I use most of the same ingredients. I found that I was buying a lot of stuff, using a little, and throwing it away once it went bad. That’s not good. So this week I had leftover shells, cheese, and ground beef. I decided to experiment and make taco shells! I used this recipe and was happy with how they came out for the most part. I am lactose intolerant so I didn’t use a lot of cheese and I found this to be an issue. Without the sticky cheese to hold the shells together, the meat falls right out when you pick up the shell. Other than that, they were YUMMY!


Mar is in town! I have loved having the little baby here with me.


 Speaking of Mar, he had his first girl puppy playdate. Renee has an adorable dachshund named Lucy who I love, but she hadn’t met Marley yet! Both dogs are super picky when it comes to other dogs, but they loved each other and played hard. I imagine this is what my life will be like in ten years except with children. Renee made dinner and we enjoyed a bottle of wine and girl time while the pups played. I can never have enough girly nights.


My weekend is jam packed so get ready for a weekend shenanigans post on Monday morning! Have a great weekend everyone! 


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