Blogtember: Making the Move

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Tuesday, September 10: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.


May 2012- when I left my comfort zone and moved across the bridge.


Growing up I knew I wanted to live in the city. As a child I gave my Mom gray hairs every time I mentioned that I was planning to move to New York City as soon as I could. After a couple trips to NYC my love for the city grew, but I realized it would not be my future home.

 Through college I was set on Washington DC or even Annapolis to work and live. I was dating a guy who lived in Annapolis and figured we would end up there together. I spent senior year travelling to Annapolis with my boyfriend at the time checking out hotels and event venues and writing down names. I imagined myself walking along the water in my navy blue work dress enjoying the scenery. I also travelled to DC with my Dad to check out the museums and visit with my Uncle, again imagining myself in the city. I was thrown for a loop when I applied for a job that was based out of a small town right outside of Baltimore. I got a call back and scheduled an interview the day after my interview with an Annapolis company.

 I received a job offer from both companies and had to make a choice. Go to Annapolis and live with/near my boyfriend or move to a city that I couldn’t recall ever visiting, with no friends in the area, and have my dream job. I made the jump.

 Without hesitation I accepted the Baltimore job and started looking for a place to live. This all happened pretty quickly- I moved into my townhouse, drove back to Salisbury to take my finals and graduate and went back to Baltimore to start my job the day after graduation.

 The next year was a pretty defining time for me. I was thrown into a new environment where I was forced to make friends, find my bearings, learn how to navigate in the city, cook on my own, take care of my own finances, and be an adult. I remember sitting in my bedroom on my first day in the city freaking out. I needed to find the closest WalMart or Target to buy household items but was too scared to drive on 95. I literally had to give myself a pep talk. Now I fly on the highway and have a serious case of road-rage, yikes.

 I had dinner with my Uncle and Cousins last night and my Uncle said something that surprised me. He said that he never in a million years would have pictured me living here. But as I was walking them through the harbor pointing out all the things I love about this city, he realized how happy I am and how amazing this time in my life has been.

 Don’t get me wrong- it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had my fair share of trials- flooded bedroom, cockroaches, learning how to cook, navigating through a new city and learning how to be financially independent. I even have a tattoo now to represent the past year… maybe I should’ve thought that one through a little more, oh well!

 All in all I feel like a brand new person. A person with more confidence and independence than I could have imagined. This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and I’m excited and thankful.


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