Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Monday everyone!

I’m linking up with Sami today for a weekend recap!

Friday night I came home from work and made homemade stuffed shells- just because I felt like it, and also because there was a hungry boy I was trying to impress..

On Saturday I went home and soaked up some quality time in the country with my parents. Now that I have my weekends back I try to see them as often as possible. I literally cannot tell you how much I love spending time with them.

Saturday my Mom and I went shopping…for my Dad. I had barely been in the door for two minutes before he asked if we could go shopping for socks for him. Here’s the issue- my parents both struggle with color blindness to a certain extent so when trying to match socks to dress pants, my Dad has a tough time. Of course we didn’t leave with just socks. I got a new dress for work, new work pants, a realllly cool jacket for winter and A RAVENS JERSEY!

Marley came back to the city with me so we gave him a bath before we left. He was NOT a happy camper and it’s just about as much fun to give him the bath as it is for him. Yikes


That night we went out to dinner and I enjoyed a glass of wine at dinner with my parents which might have been the first time that has EVER happened.


After dinner watched Olympus Has Fallen in our own living room and I have never been more on the edge of my seat. That movie was intense/frightening/realistic/badass..I don’t even know. I have a bad habit of biting my nails when I’m anxious and it was rough!

Sunday consisted of baking with my Mom, packing up and visiting my Dad who was set up at a Civil War event. He is a Civil War Surgeon re-enactor of sorts. He doesn’t actually go out into the battlefield during re-enactments, however, he does speaking engagements and exhibitions. I loved going to see him in his element!


Andddd to end the weekend I got to enjoy a homecooked, healthy, delicious meal on this deck with a cute guy. I love Fall in the city. The breeze on the deck was perfect and the view was pretty great too.


Until tomorrow friends.




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