High Five for Friday

High Five for Friday! 

1. The Grand Prix took over Baltimore last weekend! There were some benefits to it, like the fact that my office was mostly shut down since its in the harbor so I was able to work all day Friday and get a lot done. However, the cons heavily outweighed the pros. I will spare you a long winded rant but lets just say I hope it doesn’t come back next year. 

2. I finallllly watched the Great Gatsby and it was AMAZING. The actors were perfect for their roles, the costumes were incredible and the soundtrack was spot on. It is easily one of my new favorite movies.


3. Marley turned 6! I briefly thought about having a birthday post for him on Wednesday and then decided against it. But please take the time to look at the adorable little nugget in the photo collage below.


4. I made another batch of quinoa, this time I added salsa to the black beans and corn. YUM.


5. I feel like fall is finally on its way here! This morning was a little chilly and my deck has become the new go to spot after work to relax and read a book. I just finished The Choice by Nicholas Sparks, so good!



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