Blogtember: Biggest Fear

TGIF! The weeks seriously feel like they are flying by! Today was the first day it felt like fall more than summer.

Linking up with Jenni for today’s Blogtember post.

Friday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.


I’ve honestly been dreading this post. Especially, when the day got closer and I realized it was today’s post topic. I’m currently very afraid. I am flying tonight by myself for the first time.

I know, it sounds absolutely crazy since I just came from a job where I flew every single weekend, but there is one big difference, being alone. Flying is a huge fear of mine. I love to travel and see new places and when I try to explain to people my fear I just say “I love the trip once we arrive, it’s the getting there part that I don’t enjoy”.

 I’m going to make myself completely vulnerable and let you in on a little secret. For EVERY. SINGLE. FLIGHT I’ve ever taken I have at some point called, texted or emailed my Mom freaking out. That woman has talked me through more flights than I can even begin to count. AND those flights were with other people!

So tonight is my first flight alone and I’m freaking out. It’s hard to explain what my fear is actually but I can best describe it by saying that I have allergies and health concerns that make being alone scary for me, nothing too serious but enough to make me anxious. I hate the idea of getting in a small confined space and no one knowing how to help me if I had an allergic reaction or where to find my epi-pen. When I travelled for work I was always with Katie, she knew what pocket my epi pen lived in in my bag and how to use it if she needed to. Who knows who I might sit next to?

 It may be irrational and it may be all in my head but this is a legitimate fear of mine. 


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