Why can’t this be EASY?!

I am currently holding back a frustrated high pitch squeal that I can feel forming in my throat. One that you might expect coming from a toddler as they erupt into a tantrum. Yup. That’s what I want to do right now. 

I’m not good at something and I want to be, hence my frustration.  I know not everyone can do everything, if that were the case everyone would have Ryan Lochte sized egos…can I get a Chyea?

So here goes….. I don’t understand Fantasy Football. There I said it. I hate it currently and want to give it a chance, but I’m struggling. 

Let me start from the beginning. I never really cared too much about football until I moved to Baltimore. I mean I would watch it on Sundays and I would go to college games but I never actually paid much attention or cared about the outcome of a game, it was more for the experience of it all.

Living in downtown Baltimore you were pretty much shunned if you weren’t up to speed on how the Ravens were doing. So I started watching the games and while I didn’t know all the rules I still understood the game. My Ravens pride was so intense that while vacationing with my parents in Key West we went to a bar and watched the playoff game (and I talked smack to a grown man who was clearly not cheering for the Ravens).

We had pick ’em at work last year and I won (I also won March Madness) so I figured I could handle Fantasy Football with my family’s league. I was wrong. 

I was so nervous for the draft that I made notecards broken down into positions with the players I wanted (that strategy was thrown out the window when I realized I wasn’t getting the players I wanted). In the end, I have some decent players, but I also have some bad ones. 

Now it’s 8 hours until kick off and I don’t have my team ready for tonight. I can’t even figure out how to navigate the FF website. Now do you see why I want to throw my computer across the room?

Cross your fingers I figure this out before my reputation is BLOWN.




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