Blogtember- 3 Months Off

Happy Hump Day everyone!

 Please take a minute out of your day to pray for my Alma Mater, my sorority sister, and the families of those involved with the tragic incident last night. LIOB ❤


Continuing on with Blogtember, I LOVE this blog post! You all know I’m a travel freak and would constantly be moving if I had the choice. This blog post is written with the idea that money isn’t a factor 😉

Wednesday September 4, 2013: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? (bonus points for fun photos from Pinterest, but don’t forget to cite the source!)

Month 1:

 There are still so many cities and states in the US that I haven’t visited yet. I would easily take a month to do a cross country road trip and some additional stops along the way to the following places:



The Art Institute of Chicago- wherever I go I like to take a peek at the art scene. After doing some research I found that some incredible pieces are at The Art Institute of Chicago including American Gothic and A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.


 Cloud Gate- As a photographer and someone who loves to document memories, this is a definite stop along the way.



New Orleans:

French Quarter- I would love to go during Mardi Gras but I would also love to go when its not crazy busy so I can enjoy the gorgeous architecture and food!



Cemeteries- It may sound morbid but I would do a ghost tour and visit the above ground cemeteries.


Las Vegas:

 Neon Museum & Boneyard- Most people go to Las Vegas for the drinking, gambling, and shows. I want to visit the pieces of Las Vegas history that are collected in this boneyard. The signs from shows that have come and go and windows to what Las Vegas has been.


 Buggy Desert Racing- I have NEVER seen the desert and would love nothing more than to race through it!

Image Houston:

Downtown Houston- I’ve downtown Austin and downtown Dallas but never Houston. I want to experience the nightlife and the great food that the city has to offer.

Image Waterwall- Another photo opt, this place looks INCREDIBLE.



Phi Mu Headquarters- I love that my sorority’s headquarters is only 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta.


 Botanical Gardens- Art and nature combined, looks beautiful


Georgia Aquarium- This particular aquarium houses 120,000 animals and was the largest aquarium when it opened in 2005. Based on the images I’ve seen of their whale shark, I NEED to visit.



Desert Botanical Garden: I had no idea such vibrant plants grew in the desert soil but these colors are unlike anything I’ve seen before.


Grand Canyon: So it’s not in Scottsdale but a combined trip would be necessary


Los Angeles:

 LA County Museum of Art- Anyone seen No Strings Attached? I’ve been obsessed with this sea of street lamps since seeing the movie. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was right outside of the County Museum of Art, bonus!


Runyon Canyon Park- One of the best places to hike and see the Hollywood sign


Universal Studios Hollywood- I love Universal Studios but have only been to the one in Florida.



Month 2: 

With three months of freedom I would spend a little over a month on just international travel.


Scotland- My ancestry is Scottish so visiting Scotland is very important to me. I want to put on my Campbell Plaid and see the rolling hills and castles.

Ireland- I simply want to sight-see, take photos, and eat!

Italy- Visiting Rome to see The Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Sistine Chapel is definitely on my bucket list…and consuming a BIG PLATE OF SPAGHETTI!


Africa- Africa is a place that I have already assumed I will never visit in real life. The cost and medical risks will most likely hinder this trip from happening. Elephants are my favorite animal and the thought of seeing one in real life blows my mind.


Month 3:

In all honesty this would be a little bit of traveling still, a little bit of jewelry making to get this company up and running and the rest would be some intense, loads of fun, family time. I spent over a year missing out on major family milestones due to my previous job so I would love the time to make up for that.



 ** None of these images are my property. They are all linked back to their original site



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