Blogtember: Where I Come From

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m linking up with Jenni for Blogtember!

Each day she has scheduled blog post topics. Sometimes they might be a list, a story, or even just photos. I’m going to try my best to post for each day. I may also do additional posts as I feel like it.

September 3, 2013: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

Alan Jackson said it best:
Where I come from, its corn bread & chicken
Where I come from, a lot of front porch pickin’

I’ve mentioned it before but growing up in the country was the best thing that I could have asked for in a childhood. I have been in the city for over a year now and while I feel like this is where I belong, I am glad that my roots are country strong.

 What is country living to me?

 –       Walking into your backyard to pick the vegetables that will nourish the family
–       Driving 20 minutes to the closest WalMart and making do with what you have because sometimes that drive just isn’t worth it
–       Learning from my grandmother that every homemade meal needs one key ingredient: love

–       Watching the town’s 4th of July parade and waving to familiar faces
–       Having the same grade school teachers as my father
–       Growing up with my grandmother a few miles away
–       Having a yard big enough to host a family game of baseball
–       Learning how to make my favorite meals with my Mom
–       BBQ’s and pool parties at our house kept me away from bad influences in high school
–       Shuckin’ ears of corn on our front porch knowing how messy and yummy that meal will be
–       Walking barefoot through the grass
–       Opening the windows to feel the cool spring breeze blow through the house
–       Learning how to drive stick shift on an old dirt road without the worry of someone rushing me to figure it out
–       Calling my parents “Mama” & “Daddy” and not knowing any different
–       Camping and kayaking at pond nearby just to get away for a while and disconnect from the world
–       Watching the deer, fox, bunnies, ground hogs, cardinals, hummingbirds and eagles share their home with us
–       The feeling of eating a fresh pear, juice running down my arm as I laughed with my grandmother
–       Building homemade bunny hutches with my Dad to house my new best friends
–       Tastee Freez milkshakes and vanilla ice cream cones
–       The smell of saw dust from the shed
–       Country sunsets
–       Fog delays where an extra hour or two of sleep was gold
–       Playing all day in snow with my brother when school was cancelled
–       4-H

& Most importantly: Always having a house, a family, and a town to call home and come back to when times get hard. Where the Pizza King parking lot is full on a Friday night and cars wait in line to cross the Ricky Raccoon Bridge one at a time.  A town where the lights during the a home Bulldogs football game can be seen from a mile away and the Haunted House never gets old. No matter how old I am or how long between visits I will always sigh a deep breath and relax as I turn off of the highway because I know I am home.



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