Hello September…Goodbye August

Hello September…Goodbye August!

Linking up with Allison

Hello short red hair…Goodbye long, grown out blonde hair. 



Hello boots…goodbye sandals
Hello jeans…goodbye sundresses
Hello Ravens…goodbye Orioles



Hello apple picking…Goodbye watermelon carving.
Hello Virgin FreeFest…Goodbye JT & Jay Z!
Hello red pants…Goodbye white pants! 

So many fun things are happening this month and then my favorite month of all time is right around the corner. Hope you all had a great Labor Day and start to the new month! 



5 thoughts on “Hello September…Goodbye August

  1. You must be a Marylander : ) I lived there for my high school and middle school years, even though I’m not originally from there. My hubby’s family is from there too, and they are HUGE Ravens fans! That ecard is stinking perfect, I really am not a huge pumpkin fan – except pumpkin carving.

    • Hi Jenn! Yes I am a Marylander, not originally but I quickly fell in love with Baltimore! If you aren’t a Ravens fan in Baltimore, something is wrong 😉 Thanks for reading!!

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