High Five for Friday!

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Happy Friday everyone!!

This week has been another BUSY yet rewarding week. I’m in the process of writing a 3 post series about “The Game of Dating”…should be interesting and at this point I have a general idea of the direction I’m going with it. We will see how it turns out!

Linking up with Lauren for today’s post. 

1. Blue Moon Cupcakes- I already posted about them yesterday but they were soooo good. Also- I was worried about the icing getting hard overnight before I took them into work so I placed them back in their cupcake tin and put the carrying lid on top.

The lid is plastic so I worried the cupcakes would taste like Tupperware in the morning. I snuck into the breakroom with the cupcakes and tasted one quickly to make sure they were good before announcing to the office that I had brought them. Much to my surprise the cupcake was still moist and the icing was perfectly soft. I was so pleasantly surprised!


2. Quinoa- I made quinoa for the first time on Sunday. I added black beans, corn, and cilantro.  I packed it everyday for lunch this week and seriously can’t get enough of it. I’m currently looking up other recipes to try it with!


3. I was introduced to “Marcel the Shell” last night. How have I gone this long without knowing of Marcel?! I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time. 


4. I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF! So the last time I got a haircut and coloring was at Easter this year! As of last week my roots were ridiculous and my ends were pretty gross. So I scheduled an appointment at the salon up the street from my house where my roommates go. Not only is the salon a 10 minute walk from my house, but every single person was so sweet to me and the interior design is gorgeous. My stylist, Dimitri, was a god and I am obsessed with my new hair cut. He hand mixed the color to make sure it was similar to my natural color with a few enhancements and was so interesting to watch during the entire cutting process. I felt like I was truly watching an artist creating a masterpiece. He was so intense and focused on the cut we hardly spoke a word while he worked.  


please don’t judge my dirty mirror!

5. Lilly Pulitzer had a huge online sale this week so I obviously ordered some of the Phi Mu Lilly print. My makeup bag is my favorite 🙂 



Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts about DATING. Eeek that scary scary word.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone 


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