Country Roads Take Me Home

Another weekend gone. I can’t believe how fast the weekends are going by now that I’m not working every single one of them. I also can’t believe how fast the weeks are going by- I guess that’s what happens when you are genuinely happy. 

Last week was a blur of social activities and I had the chance to catch up with some old friends. One in particular commented on how different my demeanor is now than it was two months ago. It’s true. My Mom even noticed it, she said it seemed like I can breathe and relax. 

This weekend gave me the chance to do just that. I drove the 2.5 hour drive to my parents house in Delaware. Upon pulling into the driveway we switched into a different car and started towards the Sharptown Carnival. The small festival seemed so large when I was a kid. If you stand at the entrance to the carnival you can see the other end and everything in between. It was so strange to walk around and see familiar faces of kids I went to school with. They were pushing strollers and feeding ice cream to sticky little faces. I stopped and tried to imagine if I had stayed in Sussex County what my life would have been like. I can honestly say that I want that life- but in/around the city and not until I am in a solid relationship that results in a marriage. I am grateful for the life I have made for myself here and hope to see it grow- just not this year or next. 

Saturday Mom and I went to the beach for one last hoorah before fall arrives. We stopped at the outlets and she lovingly bought me some new big girl job clothes- I have the best Mama ever. We went to Crazy 8’s for lunch, my favorite beach spot! It’s so small and most people don’t know it exists but the food is all organic and fresh and AMAZING. We made plans to come back in the fall, walk along the beach and enjoy where we live WITHOUT the tourists. 
We ended the day with a family dinner at Texas Roadhouse and drove past my old campus. It’s amazing how much it has changed since I graduated over a year ago. The dorms are all redone, they now have a Starbucks (so pissed I missed that boat), and the surrounding businesses are growing rapidly! I miss college so much! I can’t wait to go back for Homecoming this year to see all my sisters and friends. 
I woke up early on Sunday to pack and head back to Baltimore. I hate coming home during the summer season because I have to beat beach traffic. Most rentals end at 10am so I have to be on the road before then if I plan to get back to the city in less than two hours. 
I met up with my friend Steve for brunch at Miss. Shirley’s! He had never been and it’s my go-to spot. However, this was the first time I did not order a sugar coma enducing meal. I had the two farm fresh egg meal and LOVED it.
The rest of my Sunday was spent learning how to cook quinoa and LOVING it, doing four loads of laundry and attempting to get my outfits picked out for the week ahead. I’ve been sticking to the healthy diet. My current snack of choice is steamed broccoli, hard boiled eggs, rice chips, and almonds. YUM.
Have a good week everyone!
I’m attempting to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning for a run. Everyone cross your fingers I make it!

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