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Happy Monday ya’ll!

It has been brought to my attention that I am turning into a foodie. I NEVER thought I would hear those words. For those who don’t know me well, I am a very picky eater with a lot of food allergies so eating out can be a challenge. Since moving to the city I have been exposed to so many new foods and have been trying everything I am offered (within reason). This is the point in the post where my out of state family and friends jaws drop. I have tried sushi, oysters, shrimp, quail and guacamole. Again, not crazy foods, but for a picky eater who likes her eggs scrambled DRY, these are major.

I am particularly fond of the restaurants in Baltimore. There are so many goodies and I love to recommend them to visiting friends or people who have just moved to the area. This post is dedicated to my favorites in the city AND the places I have yet to go to.

**Please note that this is the longest blog I have ever written and probably ever will. If you don’t live in Baltimore or plan to visit Baltimore, you will not enjoy this blog.  Also, all photos featured in this blog post are my intellectual property.

Federal Hill.

Blue Agave.

This is my go-to Happy Hour spot during the week. $5 house margaritas and $1.75 tacos. Did I mention they have some of the best tacos I’ve ever had? Most restaurants in downtown Federal Hill have huge open windows that face the street. I love being seated here at Blue Agave since the breeze blows through the window.


Abbey Burger

I always recommend Abbey Burger to guys. They offer around 10 different meat options including boar, kangaroo, elk and black angus and allow you to build your own burger. Using a check off list you can add tons of toppings including crab dip, peanut butter, grilled pineapples, and fried eggs. Be careful though, each topping costs $$ and they can start to add up. I went with a friend who devoured the kangaroo burger…I’ll stick to the black angus on this one.

SoBo Café

This quaint little café is nestled on a side street of Cross St. I had no idea it even existed until I went looking for it. I had birthday brunch and birthday dinner (when I find something I like I go a little overboard) at SoBo. Brunch was amazing- the three egg breakfast with some of the best home fries I’ve ever eaten. I need to go back soon for a Strawberry Mimosa and Bellini! For dinner I had the chicken pot pie which was amazing. When it comes to being a picky eater, I tend to be cautious about textures and chicken pot pie can be one of those meals where the texture can freak me out. I was very happy with this meal.

Afters Café

I have a pretty serious sweet tooth and Afters always satisfies it.  They offer cookies, cupcakes, and smaller pastries, but that’s not what I go to Afters for….they have Nutella frozen yogurt! I literally could not live without it. I mix the nutella froyo with peanut butter froyo and add all the toppings you can think of- sprinkles, cereal pieces, fruit, chocolate chips. YUM


Inner Harbor

The Inner Harbor has many restaurants but they are all geared towards tourists. Places you’ve been to before like The Cheesecake Factory, Phillips Seafood, and Noodles & Co. I only go to the Harbor for one thing and that is the most delicious brunch spot, ever.

Miss. Shirley’s

If I was ranking Miss. Shirley’s on their ambiance and atmosphere it wouldn’t be that high simply because they are located on the first floor of an office building and the tables look a little awkward in the lobby. However, they do offer outdoor seating on nice days and you can hit up the bar to get your mimosa or bloody before you even sit down. I tend to lean more on the sugary entrees when going out for brunch, but they also offer savory options as well. Not only are they featured on the Baltimore’s Best list, they have been featured on CBS news for their food truck and the Food Network has named their dish “Shirley’s Affair with Oscar” as the best breakfast dish in ALL OF MARYLAND. Shirley’s Affair with Oscar is a 5 oz. Beef Tenderloin Filet, topped with Asparagus, Jumbo Lump Crab Meat & Hollandaise Sauce, on Fried Green Tomatoes & Savory Grits with Diced Bacon, dusted with Old Bay (taken from their website).


My personal favorite Miss. Shirley’s brunch entrée are the Cinnamon Danish mini waffles with an order of hash browns on the side. I could eat their hash browns

Harbor East

Gordon Biersch

The recently opened restaurant sits in Fells Point along the water with incredible views. They have some of the best beers in the city and have equally amazing food. I had the Brewhouse Chicken- grilled chicken with beer gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and friend onion straws.  They have great customer service as well- after our meals took longer than expected to cook we were given free appetizer cards that never expire. It’s also a quick walk next door to the Under Armour store to stock up on athletic gear which you’ll need after drinking and eating all they have to offer!


Fells Point

The Waterfront Hotel

Another brunch spot I adore, bottomless mimosas is never a bad thing on a Saturday or Sunday morning. The Waterfront Hotel is gorgeous and the cobblestone streets of Fells Point definitely make it an enjoyable experience all around.



One of the most underrated spots in Baltimore. I had no idea this place existed until a friend suggested we try it and I was overwhelmed with how much I love it. Ok…so after I just typed that I checked out their website and the press section is out of control. Apparently I was living under a rock. Anyway….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a look at their website (click the name) and tell me that doesn’t look incredible. The restaurant itself is what I am obsessed with. It has a very speak easy feel to it, the lights hanging from the ceiling and the huge mantle around their menu board are AMAZING. The pizza is just as great. Being lactose intolerant, I was struggling that day and felt pretty gross so I opted for the Marinara pizza, even without cheese it did not disappoint.

Tavern on the Square

Canton square is one of my favorite people watching spots in the city and Tavern offers some of the best outdoor seating for doing so. They have great specials and the chicken fajita wrap is my go-to meal. Their Happy Hour is the best I’ve found yet, offering ½ priced drinks (some exclusions) and 25% off food from 4pm-7pm. However, on Thursday nights they offer their Happy Hour specials ALL NIGHT!


Sip & Bite

Featured on Diner’s, Drive-in’s and Dives as well as local media outlets they are one of the most in-demand brunch spots in the city. Being that they are open 24 hours it’s surprising that I have never gone and not stood in line. A small diner setting, seats are limited and large groups will have to split up but it’s location on Boston Street is easy to find and the food is great. The “Michael Phelps dessert breakfast” is my favorrritee. Again with the nutella, it’s French toast stuffed with Nutella and strawberries. Pretty much my caloric intake for a solid week, but so worth it.


Moonshine Tavern

Moonshine is my favorite spot in Canton. The fairly new restaurant has the late night ambiance that I love. Windows that open onto the street with high tops tables positioned perfectly to people watch. Hanging flowers outside and shutters on each window makes it feel like you are eating at a beautiful country home. They offer an extensive list of moonshine flavors, which are served in mason jars, as you would expect.  They also serve one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten (well done burgers can often be dry, but they somehow managed to cook a juicy but not pink burger).

My To-Try List:

Saute– for brunch & bottomless mimosas!

Blue Moon Café– the infamous Captain Crunch French toast is calling my name, but I will most likely have to do carry out since their wait is never less than an hour

Nacho Mama’s– everyone recommends it and anywhere with fajitas and margaritas is on my list to try

Johnny Rad’s– a hotdog served on a pretzel bun? Yes please!

Harbor Que– I’ll be recruiting Mr. Matt Bolling and Jeff Pruit for a lunch date here!

If you read all the way down to this point you have probably killed a solid 10 minutes of your day and are really hungry. So go hit up one of the places above or start planning your trip to visit me so we can both enjoy these places! Ps you can follow me on Instagram to see photos upon photos of what I eat…if you’re interested 🙂

Well…I’m off to work out now. Have a great Monday everyone!




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