BirchBox vs Ipsy

Happy Monday everyone!!

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately on the blog- I started my first week of work and it took me by surprise how tired I’ve been! I have to be at work an hour earlier than I’m used to and the early morning rise is proving to be difficult. 
Another new adjustment is that I now WALK TO WORK! For the first 2-3 days I drove because it was hot or raining but after being rear ended last week on my commute home (I’m ok and so is my car) I decided it wasn’t worth it. Also, I live 1 mile away from work. Last week it took me 5 minutes to drive there and 45 minutes to get home (Orioles games, Ravens games, and general city traffic). THAT IS INSANE. So far walking has been so rewarding. If I walk, it takes 15 minutes and I get to enjoy the city! My new favorite time of the day is my walk to work in the morning. There are no tourists, the water is calm, and the sky is gorgeous. The photo below is from this morning. The walk home in the afternoon allows me to people watch (oh boy!) and call my Mom to check in and see how her day was. 
When I moved to the city I didn’t feel that I truly became a “city girl” because I still had a 20 minute drive to work each day. Now, I feel like a city girl.
I thought I would focus today’s topic around the latest trend in beauty products- a customized delivery of beauty product samples delivered monthly. There are many companies currently that provide this service- BeautyBox5, Sample Society with Allure, GlossyBox, Beauty Army, Total Beauty Collection, Beauty Fix, BirchBox, and Ipsy. 
Most services initially put the customer on a waiting list until a spot opens up and the individual is notified of their new membership to the service. The two I currently subscribe to are BirchBox and Ipsy. I waited on the BirchBox list for about 3 weeks and Ipsy’s for only 1 week. 
Although I have enjoyed both subscriptions I’m learning that I like one more than the other. These are my personal opinions and won’t be the same for every user. One of my good friends LOVES her BirchBox subscription, however, it hasn’t been very useful for me. 
Here are my thoughts:
– Packaging: Ipsy comes in a soft hot pink mailing envelope. This makes it easier to spot and easier to slide into mail slots of homes. BirchBox comes in a hot pink hard package which is impossible to fit through my door forcing the mailman to either hide it in the bush in front of my house or keep it until someone is randomly home during the day to answer the door. After you break through the mailing package- inside is the container holding the makeup. For BirchBox this is their signature brown box. The box which has a cute pattern on the interior and their logo on the lid isn’t practical- I immediately throw away the box. I did wrap one of them in wrapping paper for a gift once but I don’t need boxes for presents often enough to start a collection of them. Ipsy sends their makeup in makeup bags that can be reused. I have also given presents in their bags as well. Each month is a different color, shape and pattern so I get just as excited to see the bag as I do about what’s inside!
– Personalization: For BirchBox and Ipsy they ask you to fill out a “Beauty Profile”. The profile is a questionaire so the company knows what to send you. They ask things like “What is the texture of your hair?” “Is your skin oily or dry?” “How experienced with makeup are you?”, etc. I feel like BirchBox has never looked at my beauty profile. I specifically asked for no facial products like bb creams and scrubs since I have very sensitive skin and try to avoid those products. I asked instead for more hair, nail or lip products. In one box alone I was given 3 facial creams…. that was a waste of $10. In the past 3 months that I’ve been subscribed to the Ipsy bag, I have used every sample but two. 13/15 is not bad!
– Sample Size: For just $10 a month I didn’t expect much. A sample size is a small amount, I am aware of that and for such a cheap fee each month I expected small portions. BirchBox gives out small samples, lotions aren’t packaged in tube form and any perfumes are in the small clear plastic tester bottles. I was VERY surprised when my first Ipsy arrived with FULL SIZED bottles of nail polish and lip sticks. Even when Ipsy sends a smaller sample size its larger than any I’ve gotten in BirchBox. The $10 feels like a steal whenever I open Ipsy products!
– Price: The price for both subscriptions it the same each month. I think the price is right for Ipsy, but not for BirchBox. 
– Product Relevance: The biggest difference between the two companies in my eyes is that BB tends to include more high end products that you would find in Ulta and Sephora whereas Ipsy uses cheaper more affordable options. For myself, who is very inexperienced with makeup, cheaper options are what I’m looking for. I want to learn more about makeup and how to do my own before I start spending the big bucks on products. I have gone out and purchased products in the stores that I have received in my Ipsy bag. 
Verdict: I have cancelled my BirchBox account. Good news- now someone who was on the waiting list is able to start their journey with the product. I might try a new box next month! 




2 thoughts on “BirchBox vs Ipsy

  1. Just wanted to say I had read this originally when you posted it and thought it was filled with great information. Now I’m thinking of doing something like BirchBox or Ipsy and I specifically came back here to read your review again 🙂 It was so helpful!

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