MVA Nightmare




This weekend was great. I’m so glad I was able to go to one last race. The amount of love I felt from my co-workers was incredible. They were so upbeat, positive, accommodating, celebratory and overall happy. The event was one of the smoothest we have had and of the happiest I’ve ever been while working. I will treasure these memories for a lifetime.

Since coming back from Pittsburgh I’ve been going non-stop. I thought having a week in between ending RSP and starting my new position would be a lot of sleeping in and lounging around….I was wrong! 
Monday I went into the RSP office to wrap up some things and ended up having a great lunch with Bolling and Jeff. Two of my favorite people and two friendships that grew unexpectedly.  Then the big girl stuff began. I wanted to take the time I had off and use it wisely..aka get my Maryland tags and license FINALLY. I’ve lived here for 15 months and still had my old plates and license. First things first, I had to put my car through inspection. After an hour and a huge repair bill I was a little defeated. 
Instead of worrying about the car I put on a cute outfit and met some friends downtown to celebrate Byrd’s birthday. We hit some of the major bars in Fed and ended up at No Idea (of course) and it happened to be BINGO NIGHT. I have never had so much fun playing bingo as I did last night. We were all covered in marker ink by the end of the night.
Today I woke up early because DADDY WAS COMING TO BALTIMORE! He met me at the repair shop while they were fixing everything and setting up my new tags. Can I just say that the MVA was awful to deal with? After waiting nearly 3 hours to get my new license I received less than the bare minimum service and literally contemplated punching the man helping us. However, that would have meant I would have wasted three hours because they most definitely would not have given me my license after that. We spent a total of SEVEN hours making me a Maryland resident but I couldn’t be any happier!
Tomorrow is my only REAL day off to myself to do whatever I want. I am spending the day shopping for a big girl office wardrobe and cleaning because JOSH IS COMING TO TOWN ON THURSDAY! I can’t believe its finally here! We have been planning this trip since before our visit over July 4th!
So many fun things are happening over the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

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