It’s time to say goodbye

All things must come to the end…and in this case it’s the end of an era- An era where travelling, zombies, fake blood, registration tents, waiver prediction equations, and bike rack/barricade fence hauling were the main components of my life. The components that made up..Soup!


I am sad to say that after 15 months today was my last day at Reed Street Productions office. It was a hard decision but one that I think will benefit me in the end.

I will be attending my final race this weekend in Pittsburgh so keep your fingers crossed it is a smooth last event.

I have learned more from this job than I ever thought I would. I learned how to scout out potential race properties, how to complete the entire permitting process for a new event, how to negotiate monetary deals and contracts, and how to drive a skid steer. This was the perfect job for me right out of college. I became more confident in myself and my skills and learned a huge part of the live event world. I was given the opportunity to travel the country and world seeing new places and meeting ALL KINDS of people (like the mountain man we met in Dallas who was wearing the same shirt as Allie. This was also in the bar that had a huge polar bear preserved and enclosed for everyone to stare at while they drank…)





Here’s to:


The critters we encountered along the way. Each location had a whole new bundle of creepy crawlers that we were told to keep an eye out for. The diamond back that gave me a scare in Pittsburgh and the red fuzzy ants that found their way into Jon’s boot were among the many scary and gross creatures we met.


The drinks we threw back. Whether we were celebrating a great race or letting loose after dealing with a crazy vendor, it was always a good time.


The postcard worthy landscapes. I am so fortunate to say that I have been to each corner of the country and have seen every type of terrain possible. From the valley and mountains of Temecula California to the fur tree lined highways in Seattle. I have learned what cities I love, would visit again, and what cities I would happy to never see again. At each race people would ask me a million questions about my job and tell me how incredible it is that I can call this a full time job. My response was always the same. I am young, I have no children, no husband, nothing holding me down. This is the time to travel and experience other cultures. I cannot thank Reed Street enough for the opportunity to see the world.


New Friends & Old Friends. I have made a lot of connections while working in this field that I believe will be beneficial to me in the future as well. Whether they were new friends like the guys from Coat Chex who came out to see our New Jersey race and ended up running to get the full experience or my best friend of 8 years who flew across the country, ran the race, and gave me a much needed hug. The Southern California race last year was during a crazy month of races, I was homesick and needed a friendly face, and his did the trick.


The RFYL fans who made this whole crazy thing possible. I have met the most intense fans. So many people follow us on our nationwide tour, running in multiples races to see what was different and to try and survive. I have also met insanely courageous people who have overcome obesity or cancer and have chosen to run this race as a celebration. My favorite was a family who drove 5 hours only to realize that we didn’t offer day of registration. We took care of them and the appreciation was more than I ever expected. They were so appreciative that we would accommodate them and allow them to run together as a family. I watched them cross the finish line and start bounding towards me soaking wet and covered in mud. After a huge group hug and lots of crazy stories they went to enjoy the party and I felt good about my day.


& the family I now have and never expected. I moved to Baltimore with no one and made 20 lifelong friends that I know would do anything for me if I needed them. I cannot express my gratitude or appreciation for those friendships. You all made this experience what it was.

I’m off to pack for my last race…




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