Weekend Re-Cap

Soooo I just realized my post for yesterday didn’t publish! Here it is…again.

Happy Monday everyone!


This weekend was a BLAST. As someone who works almost every weekend, it was incredible to have a full weekend to spend with friends enjoying the city. Here’s a recap:

Friday- Carissa and I decided to go out and enjoy a girl’s night! We had an idea in mind of where to spend the night, got dolled up and then changed our minds. We didn’t feel like adjusting our outfits accordingly so we knew we would stand out where ever we went. The “dress code” is different in each neighborhood of Baltimore. Federal Hill is typically more casual while Fells Point is dressier. Carissa and I had on tight dresses and heels- definitely not Federal Hill attire. Oh well. We started the .5 mile trek to the bars and went to Mad River first. Carissa is friends with the bartender which is never a bad thing. After some much needed girl talk we headed to Stalking Horse to…DANCE! Stalking is a super-hot and crowded bar but if you are willing to put up with it, it’s the best place to dance! We enjoyed a few “Slush Davis” drinks (frozen orange crushes) and met up with some friends. All in all it was a good night!


Saturday- After sleeping in (again, something I NEVER get to do on the weekends). Carissa, Shannon and I decided to head into the harbor for some lunch and shopping. It took two steps into the harbor for us to remember that there was a baseball game scheduled for the night and it was a Saturday at noon. YIKES. I’m pretty sure every person attending the game was in the harbor at noon. We could barely walk around! Thinking on my feet I suggested Gordon Biersch Brewery which is about a quarter of a mile outside of the harbor and has AMAZING food. While at lunch we talked about the baseball game and how we should have bought tickets. Well, Carissa is friends with one of the Red Sox players and after a quick text message exchange, we had 4 tickets to the game that night waiting for us at will call! After walking almost 2 miles to lunch we decided to cab it back and take naps before our big night out.

Although the O’s didn’t win, we had such a great time at the game. It rained so we had a bit of delay but we had great seats behind home plate and enjoyed getting to know the people sitting in our section. We were in the Family & Friends section so everyone had a connection with the O’s or the Red Sox teams. I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the game. Thank goodness our house is one block away or someone would have carried me home.


Sunday- Some co-workers and I headed to Little Havanas for an amazing brunch and some adult beverages. If you have never been, PLEASE GO! They have a great brunch deal which includes breakfast and bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s for $17.99. It was good to spend the day with some of my favorite people. Work is so insane right now and everyone is constantly on the road so it was nice to get some people together to relax and enjoy the beautiful day!


After such a great weekend it was hard to wake up this morning, but I have plenty on my plate for the week and I’ll be heading to our Pittsburgh race on Friday. Stay tuned for my big announcement on Thursday.

Have a great night




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