Top Five Friday!

Happy Friday!! It’s time for a nice relaxing weekend, thank goodness! Overall this week was pretty great. I have some news to share but it will have to wait until next week. For now check out the highlights from this week 🙂 


– Last Friday night was girls night with Allie, Byrd, and Renee. We met up with Byrd’s neighbors and ended up playing a game of Flip Cup that quickly turned into the Battle of the Sexes. After winning about 25 games, the guys decided to make it all or nothing and create a pretty tempting pot of goodies. The flip cup pot consisted of a library card, a Chipotle card, $$, my chapstick, a Quiznos card and other random goodies. It goes without saying…the girls won!

– On Saturday morning I woke up super early and drove home so I could head to the Delaware State Fair with my Mom. I haven’t missed a year of the fair since I was born so I didn’t mind the 3 hour drive home in beach traffic…..too much. We walked around, checked out the exhibits and the animals and enjoyed snow cones from Berk (family friend). I got to spend the weekend with my parents relaxing and feeling loved. 

– Marley spent the week in Baltimore!! Mom and Dad went on a mini vacation so Marley came to stay with me for the week. It was quite an adjustment and we learned that Marley has some additional fears. He does not enjoy walking across cobblestone which is a slight issue since my whole neighborhood is cobblestone. He also does not enjoy the slippery hardwood floods that cover our entire home..he can’t seems to stand up on them. Poor boy haha. 

– Tuesday night was Trivia at No Idea. I went with Byrd and her neighbors and had  a great night out. We ended up playing a couple rounds of beer pong and starting a dance party. 

– The last photo is a combo of Marley coming to town and the gorgeous weather we had this week. In the past month we have had weeks of rain and then weeks of 100+ degree days. The 79 degree and sunny days have been refreshing and have allowed me to enjoy the city around me. 

This weekend is proving to be packed with lots of fun stuff. I’ll fill you in on my little secret next week as well. 

Have a great weekend!




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