My Top 5 This Week

Happy Monday everyone! 

The Top 5 Things I’m obsessed with this week are:
– My new Sanuk yoga mat flip flops! I have been getting these flips since 2008. They are the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever owned because they are made from yoga mats! Every summer I get a new pair and get weirdly excited about it.
– Silk Iced Latte! I just found this in the grocery store and am sooo excited! I am lactose intolerant and hate taking my medicine in order to eat dairy. I try to avoid dairy as much as possible and love Silk Milk! Now I can enjoy Silk Milk + coffee without taking my medicine. It also doesn’t hurt to take a break from my daily Starbucks trips!
– Mar is in town! I love this boy more than anything and cannot believe that I get to spend the week with him! He is loving exploring the new neighborhood, but we did learn about a new fear….cobblestones. Too bad my entire neighborhood is cobblestones. haha. I have to carry him through some parts but I don’t mind the extra snuggle time. 
– Big Brother. Yup. I watch it. I’ve seen every season since it was created and PROUD OF IT. This season is particularly dramatic with Aaryn and her inability to keep her mouth shut knowing she is on national television. 
Prancercise. My roommate Jadyn introduced me to this video and let me just say, I am so glad she did. We are definitely doing a remake of this video ASAP. 
Have a good day everyone 🙂 Check back here throughout the week, there are some fun blog posts in the works 😉

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