Top 5 Friday!


Sorry for the delay! Here are my Top 5 from the past week 🙂 Image


– Updates from this guy. He is currently at Camp Greyling practicing with M777’s. I don’t know much about it except that the guns are huge, loud, and shoot REALLY FAR. If you don’t know anything about it and want to learn, hop on youtube and search for Army M777. That’s what I did.

–          Most of you know about the struggles I had with my old house on Jackson. My bedroom flooded four times, they were awful to work with and are now trying to keep our security deposit. After researching Maryland law and fighting them for about 3 hours things are looking good. My dad doesn’t text much but getting this from him after a stressful day put a smile on my face.

–          I LOVE IPSY! I have a subscription to both Ipsy and Birchbox. Although Birchbox has a larger following and is the more popular of the two, I am one month away from ending my subscription. Next month I’ll do a comparison between the two and most likely make a decision on which one I want to keep. This month in my Ipsy bag was lipstick, eye shadow, Big Sexy humidity resistant spray, sunscreen and nail polish.

–          The past couple of weeks have been incredibly stressful. Thank god for my parents and my roommates for their constant support through everything. Dinner and wine while watching tv was exactly what I needed to wind down after a pretty rough day.

–           Bermuda! My friend Matt lives in Bermuda and has offered to let me crash at his house for a much needed vacation in the winter months. I am starting a countdown NOW.

Tomorrow is the 5 Things I’m Obsessed with this week. 




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