A peek into my world!



Here are the pics my friends and family have chosen at random 🙂 




13- The sunsets of Temecula, California are incredible. This race was our biggest yet with a two day event. We worked more hours than usual and killed it giving California a great race, this sunset was our prize as we wrapped up the final evening. I have travelled to many cities with Reed Street Productions and this is in my top 5 of places I would go back to again and again and again. I would consider living there even but it’s so far from my family and friends it would be a hard decision to make.  

15- One of the best things about the SoCal race was having my best friend Evan there! He was in town for work (crazy!) and decided he wanted to run it! After being with RSP for almost 15 months and completing 23 races he is one of only 4 people who have made the trek to the race. It was an exhausting weekend and seeing a friendly face helped keep me going. LOVE YOU EV!

44- The Baltimore race was the weekend after SoCal and this muddy floor/table image is from our Gear Check. The dark brown colored floor under the table is what the entire building looked like before 10,000 muddy runners walked through the building. The gray/white colored floor is dried mud. Gross!

56- After our Austin race in December we had a 4 month hiatus without races. We all started to go a little stir crazy in the office so the Zombie Clown became a running joke. Every night after work someone would hide him in a random location. Most of the time it was behind someone’s office door so when they opened it first thing in the morning he was there, or in a bathroom stall. After being gone on vacation I returned to find him sitting in my desk chair. Did I mention that I hate clowns?

68- The Quickie Meeting invite is one of my favorite photos on my phone. The fact that this was unintentional made it even funnier. The person who made this meeting invite didn’t understand why everyone started cracking up as our phones went off. It took a few seconds and then it sunk in. Best error ever.

75- Remember that time Intern John was tweeting about RFYL after seeing the ad during The Walking Dead? I tweeted at him telling him I worked for the company and his response was worthy of a screen shot.

259- The infamous Howl at the Moon night with RSP and my roommates. This was easily one of my favorite nights out in Baltimore. The best part? I was sober! We hit up Howl at the Moon first since someone had a happy hour party. From there we moved to Angels Rock Bar and PBR. PBR was a good time as you can tell from Amber and I riding the bull. We didn’t make it very long and I ended up flying off the bull landing right on top of Amber and knocking the wind out of her. I also decided to stop wearing funky socks under my boots after I had to remove my shoes in front of everyone at the bar. YIKES.

314- My 23rd birthday would not have been the same without the people I spent the night with. My RSP family, some of the No Idea crew and some family friends showed up at MaGerks (Allie and I threw a joint party and rented out the top floor of this bar). We danced, ate cupcakes, and tore through Federal Hill. Definitely one for the books.

372- The sparkly Fireball bottle was my birthday gift to Allie. So easy to make! I might make one for myself 😉

400- Mila Kunis couldn’t have said it any better. I love this quote. Anyone who knows me, knows I speak my mind. Sometimes I speak before thinking which is something I am definitely working on. However, I want to be with someone who isn’t afraid of the blunt statements I make or the oversharing that sometimes happens. If you can’t handle it, you’re not the man for me.

462- I am a magazine freak. After our race this past weekend I came home to alllllll of these. My subscriptions have such a wide range it’s unreal. I get Rolling Stone, Smart Meetings, Cosmopolitan, American Photo, National Geographic and Real Simple. I have these and two new books on my Kindle to keep my busy during my two weeks off from races.

490- I’m surprised this was the only zombie photo randomly chosen! My phone has more photos of Baltimore and Zombies than anything else. These two were featured on our Facebook page and were super friendly. I had the chance to chat with them for a little bit after their zombie shift.


That’s it for today. Tomorrow is Top 5 Friday where I go through the highlights of my week. Have a great Thursday everyone!




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