Minnesota Recap

I should first mention that I hate flying. I have a job that requires me to fly at least three weekends every month and I hate to fly. I love going to new places and experiencing new adventures so I deal with it but like I said, it’s not my favorite thing to do. With that said, I get anxiety easily while travelling and this past week’s flight was no exception. We were supposed to leave Baltimore at 3:20pm, arrive in Kansas City, switch planes with little to no time in between and fly off to Minneapolis. If our flight from Baltimore left late we would miss our connecting flight. Needless to say when I realized it was 3:20 and we hadn’t started boarding, I began to panic. After asking the attendant at our gate what this meant we learned that if we were to miss our connecting flight we would have a small chance of making it onto the only other remaining flight to MN which wouldn’t arrive in MN until midnight after making 3 stops…. I was not pleased.

I had downloaded the Flight Tracker app after a co-worker suggested it and this little app saved us from missing our connecting flight. (If you travel frequently I highly suggest you purchase it!) The app told me that our connecting flight was being held 15 minutes later than its original departure time and the gate it was flying out of. We exited the plane and RAN, home alone style, to the gate and made it JUST IN TIME.

Once we arrived in Minnesota we met up with the boys who were already there and went out to dinner and enjoyed some much needed adult beverages. After hopping on YELP! we discovered that Newt’s had the best burger selections in Rochester (the city we were staying in). They did not disappoint. I had the Basic Burger and even though it was plain, it was amazing! Dooley’s was our go-to spot for the weekend after we enjoyed it so much last year! I had Ciderboys for the first time and fell in love. We ate there for dinner the next night and again were happy with our service.

The race went well minus the random thunderstorm that pushed the first 4 waves back. It wouldn’t be a RFYL race without some extreme weather. The rain actually helped the course! Our dry and dusty course became thick and muddy. Simple hills that should have been easy for runners became slippery sliding slopes that they were unable to get up. It was insane! We heard a lot of positive feedback about the course and the organization as a whole.


Some things I learned about Minnesota:

1.       Cheese Curds are still disgusting if not worse than I remembered. The boys got them at dinner and even purchased them in sealed baggies to take home in their carry ons. UGH.


2.       Coffee shops and some gas stations don’t believe in staying open past 9pm. Around 9:30pm as we were leaving the event site all we wanted was a cup of coffee to wake us up for a celebratory night out on the town. After a few illegal turns, some cursing, and a drive by in a sketchy area of town we settled on gas station coffee.

3.       The Kahler Grand Hotel is haunted and random. We stayed at the Kahler Grand Hotel which was once a hotel for the wealthy in the 1920’s. Today it is connected to the Mayo Clinic and a lot of people stay there for convenience. The architecture speaks volumes as to how old it is and how impressive it was long ago. We obviously googled it and found that many ghost sightings have occurred. 



Today was actually a really good day. I see big things in my future and I’m happy with where I’m headed. 





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