My Top 5

Happy Monday!

I am back safe and sound from Minnesota! Tomorrow I will do a follow up post discussing the trip and some of the highlights. This was my third visit to Minnesota and each time I see something new and more random than before. Don’t forget to stay tuned for all the gory details (obviously I’m throwing in some images from the race).

From now on Mondays will be dedicated to the 5 THINGS I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS WEEK. These things can be actual items, a new show, a smell, a person, or an idea. Each week will be new and different “things”.

My Top 5!

1.       Mistresses- This hot new show has my roommates and I hooked. Alyssa Milano is smoking hot and one of my favorite characters on the show. Check it out if you haven’t already, and if you need motivation Brett Tucker is also a cast member..HOT.


2.       Essie Nail Polish- At $9 a bottle I don’t own many but its the best polish I’ve ever used and the plethora of shades makes me happy as well. I’m currently wearing “Watermelon”


3.       Jimmy Johns- Due to an allergy I haven’t been able to eat subs in a realllly long time, but recently I discovered that I was able to eat Jimmy Johns subs and I am sooo happy. What makes this even better is that there is a JJ near my house and they deliver! This has become a once a week treat and a healthy treat at that, so I’m not complaining. Although it is a little embarrassing that the delivery girls know who I am.

4.       My deck!- Most houses in Baltimore have rooftop decks with incredible views. My house doesn’t but we do have a deck off of the living room with views of M&T Bank Stadium and the gorgeous gardens that surround my neighborhood. I thought I would hate not having a rooftop deck where I could tan on my days off but I’m actually enjoying this more because I can sit outside with the awning and watch storms roll through the area. I can read without direct sunlight and enjoy a breeze first thing in the morning. I am in love.

photo (5)

5.       Violet Love Headbands- In 2008 I was obsessed with VL Headbands and bought a ton of them including tights. Then all of a sudden they were gone and I never saw them again. Recently I uploaded a photo of myself wearing one at an event and hashtagged it. Within the hour the Violet Love account was following me and had commented on my photo. They are baccckkkk! I’m planning on adding some of the new patterns to my collection 🙂

Have a great Monday, make it a great start to the week!




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