Off to Minnnessssoooddaaaaa



Happy Thursday! I leave in a few hours to head north for our Minnesota race! It will be held at Spring Creek Motocross Park which is the same location that hosted our event last year. It’s also the location where I worked my first race- I’m oddly excited to go back..

Since it’s been over a year since my last visit and most people have never even been once, I thought I would do a “What is Minnesota known for?” blog post today.

My Top Five:

  1. The Mall of America- This four floor wonderland is the second largest shopping mall in the US to date. With an amusement park and almost every store you could possible imagine, it is every girls dream. I visited the mall during my first trip to MN in 2004 and was overwhelmed. Almost ten years later, I could probably spend a solid day making my way around the mall soaking it all in.
  2. Cheese Curds- They are everywhere. As sides, main dishes, deep fried, baked, etc. I don’t want to talk about it, they freak me out.
  3. Land of 10,000 Lakes- I am a beach girl so watching people swim in a body of water so large it resembles the ocean, is strange. I’m hoping that I can get some good pictures from the airplane before we land!
  4. Minnesota Vikings- Viking helmets and purple? That’s all I know.
  5. Agriculture- Agriculture is Minnesota’s main industry. Minneapolis was actually built around flour mills which remains a major part of the state’s economy, ranking 6th in the nation in products sold. During my visit last year we noticed the water tower for the town we were staying in….it was shaped like an ear of corn. Yayyy Farmers!

Here’s to a great race with happy customers and good weather on Saturday! Cross your fingers!

I’ve decided to make Monday’s- The 5 Things I’m Obsessed With and Friday’s will be- the Top 5 Highlights of the Week.

I won’t be posting tomorrow since I will be busy on site but keep an eye out for Monday’s post with a sneak peek of what I can’t get enough of.

Have a great weekend everyone!!




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