Happy Hump Day Everyone….. I’m bacckkkkk!


After an eight month hiatus from blog posting I’ve decided to give it another whirl. I’ve been following a few new blogs over the past couple of months and recently a dear friend of mine, Jenn, started blogging and the itch to write came back! You can check out her blog here.

It’ll be a slow process getting back into the swing of things. With race season going full force my posts will be sporadic but the goal is to consistently post Monday-Friday. I’ve decided to devote 3/5 days to a themed post that will stay the same week to week with different content. The other 2 days I will most likely write about my life at that moment, the race I just worked, or random prompts, who knows!

For now here is a quick update on what has happened since my last post in 2012:

–          I am single. Jon and I decided that working together and dating was not a great combination. We didn’t know how to separate the two and it was starting to wear on both of us. Overall, we are happier as co-workers and close friends. I have to say I’m glad I learned this lesson now when I am young and working in an environment that is more accepting and understanding. The corporate world would have handled this differently and I’m glad I don’t have to find that out first hand.

–          I am living in a new house with new roommates! Amber, Kelly & I decided to part ways and I think it’s safe to say that none of us are missing the Jackson house with its mice, bugs, and mold. I now live closer to the Harbor with views of both M&T and Camden Yards stadiums. My roommates are new friends but somehow we all mesh together well. Jadyn is a Physicians Assistant, Carissa works in Sales and Shannon works at a Methadone clinic…spend an hour in our house and you won’t believe the stories you’ll hear.  

–          Along with the new house, obviously comes a new room. When I was living in the basement on Jackson street I didn’t put much effort into my room and the design since it flooded every other month (kinda puts a damper on getting nice furniture). This bedroom is the most amazing combination of girly, funky, upcycled, vintage that I could possibly create. It’s still a work in progress and until I feel 100% satisfied I won’t be posting pictures juuuuuust yet.

–          Work is a lot more hectic. We had some shifting around in the company and I now have a lot on my plate. I don’t really mind it since I’m the type of person who would rather be running around like crazy than sitting at my desk with one task for the entire day. I’m slowly becoming the type of person that I initially wanted to avoid. For instance, I got mad last night when I emailed a vendor and didn’t hear back until this morning. My work email on my phone is never turned off and I respond as soon as I am able even if it’s not a work day. My friends were a little annoyed last week on vacation when I was reading emails and missing conversation but I tried to keep it to a minimum…Sorry friends! However, along with those changes came some sad moments and saying goodbye is not something I am good at. Everything happens for a reason though, so I am staying positive and sticking close to my friends.

–          I’m travelling twice as much as last year. We upped the number of races and I am flying out to every single one this year. So far we have been to Miami, Northern California, Ohio, Dallas, New Jersey, Indiana and I leave for Minnesota tomorrow!

–          I’m cooking! I had started to experiment in the kitchen late last year and it wasn’t until the long months of winter set in with no races that I decided it was time to start saving money and cooking my meals every day. Pinterest and recipes.com are my new favorite websites with so many new meals for me to try!

–          Fitness is becoming more important. As I mentioned above, I cooked a lot in the winter. My favorite thing to make was a hearty crock pot of soup which liked to stick to my belly and thighs. I now have my first official gym membership and try to eat more balanced meals. I can see muscles starting to take shape on my tiny arms for the first time in my life!


Overall, it’s been a trying but exciting couple of months. I am constantly growing and changing as a person in ways I never expected. My first year in Baltimore has been one for the books, I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. 

Leave me comments if you want.  I love feedback, just keep it friendly 



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