Seasons of Love

What childhood memories do you associate with each season?

Summer- My Dad is a teacher so I was very lucky as a child to have him with me all summer long. My Mom always had a flexible job that allowed her to take vacations so I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my family in the summer. Every year we would go to Busch Gardens and Williamsburg in Virginia for a small vacation. Something I never appreciated until a few years ago is that my parents would take my brother and I somewhere educational like Williamsburg or Gettysburg, but they would include something fun in the trip as well. We were learning a lot, but enjoying our time with the family. Summer also makes me think of trips to the Bethel Country store to eat homemade soft serve vanilla ice cream on a cone. My Dad spoiled me during the summer and I have amazing memories to remind me of those times.

Fall- I loved growing up in the country so much more when fall rolled around. The fields were freshly mowed from summer crops, some fields of corn were left up to be made into mazes and the trees lining every road were incredible shades of orange and red. Mr. Peppers pumpkin patch was our go-to trip once the pumpkins were ready and my family would spend an afternoon picking out the perfect ones. Less than a mile from my parents’ house is a Haunted House. Every night in October the faint sounds of screams and chain saws can be heard from their backyard. I would gather a group of friends and head to the haunted house each year then drink hot chocolate at my house afterwards.

Winter- My favorite winter memory is from college, not my childhood, but it was a huge part of my college experience. Sophomore year I lived on campus in an apartment with 7 of my sorority sisters. That year, it snowed more than normal and we had off 7 days within a three week time period. My roommates and I would trudge across the street to subway every single day for that three week time frame. We made snow cream and had a SAW marathon. I learned a lot more about my sisters during that time and love the Snowmaggedon cd mix I found in my car last week.

Spring- My birthday and Easter are both in the Spring so most of my childhood memories include Easter Sunday and family birthday parties at our house. Coconut Easter Eggs and spending the day with my Mommom fill my memories. Visiting the church she held so dear to her heart, watching her embrace her lifelong friends and celebrate her faith are times I am glad to have witnessed. The first warm breeze of springtime brings with it the memories of her.


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