7th Race!

Tomorrow I leave for Canada to run my 7th race with this company. I cannot believe that Saturday marks my 4th month with RSP and my 7th race. Time as flown by! It’s easy to remember my first few days at the office. I was so incredibly awkward, not sure where I fit in or what I should be working on. The group of people that I call my co-workers, family and friends made that transition an easy one and welcomed me with open arms. It’s hard to believe that I was in college 5 months ago dealing with the pointless classes, drama, and not knowing where my life was heading.  Things changed so quickly and although this has been the most stressful transition in life that I have ever encountered, it’s been the most rewarding.

This goes along well with my first blog question:

If you could be any age again, what age would you chose?

Honestly, I love the age I am right now. I’m old enough to have responsibility, to have a big girl job working towards a strong career, and the freedom to make my own choices with my life. But young enough to not have anything tying me down and the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. I would love to go back in time and be innocent again. The days when I would play in the backyard and eat home cooked meals were amazing, but I wouldn’t trade this time in my life for anything. I get such a feeling of satisfaction knowing that I pay the rent for my own home, feed myself, and support myself in general.

Would you rather be underdressed or overdressed?

This is such an easy question for me. You can ask any of my friends from college,  I NEVER wore sweatpants to class. I was known to rock the yoga pants, but only to the gym or within the walls of my own home. My friends never had a problem with this unless we were getting breakfast after a night out and I was dressed in jeans and a nice tee while they had on sweats and last night’s makeup. I’ve never felt comfortable in sweats. I prefer to look presentable at all times, but don’t blame anyone who may not agree. I would rather walk into a party or a restaurant overdressed and confident than underdressed and uncomfortable while there.



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